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AeroGarden Best Sponge Seed Pod Kit Starter System Grow Anything Refill 25 PACK For Sale

AeroGarden Best Sponge Seed Pod Kit Starter System Grow Anything Refill 25 PACK

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AeroGarden Best Sponge Seed Pod Kit Starter System Grow Anything Refill 25 PACK:

About this item:
THE EZ-GRO SEED POD is a compatible replacement for Aerogarden seed pods.
E Z-GRO SEED POD and grow sponges are made from sustainably produced coco coir and isa compatible replacement for aerogarden sponges.
USE THE E Z-GRO PODS for Aerogarden in aero gardening seed pods and in the Aero garden kit.
OTHER E Z-GRO COMPATIBLE AEROGARDEN supplies include aerogarden seed pod kits,seed pod refill kits and aerogarden nutrients.
E Z-GRO GROW SPONGES are excellent replacements for Aero Garden Kit Pods and Aerogarden Seeds Pods.
Product Description:
The EZ-gro Compatible Aerogarden Sponges Gives You a Choice for Your AerogardenThe EZ-groseed pod is perfectly sized to fit in your aerogarden baskets, making them a compatible replacement tothe aerogarden pod.They are a pH balanced plant sponge and contains micronutrients and active biologicalso they have all the elements needed to promote healthy root growth and young plant vigor. This optimalenvironment is the result of the plugs good aeration and water retention ability.In a hydro garden,air porosity is one of the most important attributes to have. Good air porosity promotes good root growth.The E Z-gro plant pods offers the most air porosity possible in a rooting sponge.The E Z-gro grow podis made from the finest Canadian sphagnum peat moss available and will provide a soil free, no messgardening experience. It is a flexible aerated grow sponge that is designed for faster root developmentand plant establishment. They have the optimum air-to-water ratio for excellent root development andplant growth.E Z-gro seed pods are the same size as aerogarden pods and will fit perfectly in theaerogarden baskets and aerogarden seed starting system tray.Specifically designed to germinateseeds by providing consistent moisture and root cuttings faster while promoting a strong root system.EZ-gro seed pods helps to ensure reliable germination and healthy root development. Ideal growingmedium for aerogarden hydroponic growers.So, use these aerogarden compatible replacements togerminate seeds, root cuttings, for hydroponic growing Place seed or cutting in center hole of plug.When roots appear plugs are ready to be transplantedThe EZ-gro Grow Sponge GivesYou a Choice for Your Aerogarden.
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