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10x20" Seedling Heat Mat Seed Germination Propagation Clone Starter METCertified For Sale


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10x20" Seedling Heat Mat Seed Germination Propagation Clone Starter METCertified:

  • PROFESSIONAL HEAT MAT - Provide your seedlings with a warmer environment to speed up germination, raise success rates, and increase growth rates; A faster growth rate translates to quicker transplant times and higher future yields; Use indoors, in greenhouses, and grow tents, help make your garden a healthy and fruitful place
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE - Made with heavy duty PVC material that is durable and resists wear and tear; Complies with MET standards; multi-layer structure with built-in insulated wiring and PET film design follows strict safety standards; IPX-4 water-resistant surface helps keep the device clean and functioning properly
  • STABLE HEATING SYSTEM - Automatically warms root area 10-20℉(5-11℃) over the ambient air temperature, which will increase the success of seedlings and cuttings; We recommend using this with VIVOHOME thermostat for proper temperature control
  • EASY TO USE - Simply flatten and place beneath your seedling tray and plug the cord into a standard 120V outlet to begin heating; With helpful instructions and growing tips printed on the mat, you’ll never be at a loss for growing your plants
  • STORE AWAY - Dimensions: 10 x 20.75 inches, with a 5.7-ft power cord, this heating pad fits standard 1020 seedling trays; Comes with a handy carrying bag; Seeds germinated and you need to store the mat? Simply roll it up and pack it away, guaranteed not to take up much room
Seedling Heat Mat 10'' x 20.75''Faster seed germination & Increase growing success

Sprout seeds faster and more reliably with this seedling heat mat. Simply place under a planter with seeds ready to grow and watch them sprout quickly and vigorously. This heat mat increases the heat of soil moderately to provide a better soil temperature for plants, but does not get too hot so you have peace of mind when leaving your seeds to germinate.

  • Automatically warms rooting area 10-20F over ambient temperature, but does not overheat
  • Improve seed germination life and speed, and increase yield
  • Can be used indoors or in greenhouse; provides enough heat to get your garden established and vigorous
  • Instructions and growing tips printed on mat
  • Product dimensions: 10"x 20.75" 18W, Power cord length: 5.7ft
Be Sure to Know about VIVOHOME Heat Mat

  1. Remove the heat mat from plastic bag and dispose of it responsibly
  2. Place your heat mat away from environment of plenty of water and avoid prolonged direct sunlight
  3. For best effect, avoid cold surfaces and place heat mat on an insulated place
  4. Place a propagation tray or other plant container directly on the heat mat. Cover your plant tray with a humidity dome to help seeds germinate faster
  5. Plug the heat mat's electrical cord into a standard 120 volt power source
  6. Leave the heat mat in operation to warm root area 10-20 ℉ over ambient temperature and improve seed germination

VIVOHOME Heat Mat Works Great for Various Uses, Like Pets, Seedling, Flowers, Vegetables, etc

A Comfortable Bed

Creates a warm surface for your plants or animal friends to comfortably rest on. Suitable for a pet bed as well!

Warms Soil

The mat will warm rooting area for happy, vigorous starts. Let your seeds know it’s time to grow with a comfortable soil temperature.

Flower Year Round

Heat mats can be used to warm any plant’s soil temperatures. The VIVOHOME heat mat can be used to grow flowers indoors during the winter months to keep your home fresh and colorful.

Increased Yields

A seed with a strong start will be more vigorous later in life. There’s no better way to ensure flourishing mature plants than giving them the best environment to grow in with the VIVOHOME heat mat.

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