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Product Summary

A 50 minute hydroponic video that is well suited for someone who wants to learn the basic principles of hydroponic growing. It explains all the different methods of hydroponic growing, ebb and flow, nft, drip, and mist or aeroponics.
The video goes into detail about what you need for successful hydroponic growing.
I would recommend this video to people before you went out and started buying any hydroponic equipment.
It explains in detail all the things you will need to be a successful indoor grower.
This isn't exactly a step by step how to build video but because he explains clearly how all the different systems work you can get a lot of ideas to try different variation of hydroponic gardens.

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Key Features

Covers all the basics. Diffirent kinds of gardens, growing mediums, nutrient solutions, lights, and envioment.

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Benefit to members

Even if you build your own hydroponic garden this video will explain all the other things you will need especially for indoor growers

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50 minutes VHS
Format TV
E-mail Ron Kleinman at hygro@gte.net Don't forget to ask for the Hydroponics OnLine Club Member discount.

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