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Hydroponic Grow Box 300W CFL Stealth PC CabinetCrop.com Indoor Garden Cabinet For Sale

Hydroponic Grow Box 300W CFL Stealth PC CabinetCrop.com Indoor Garden Cabinet

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Hydroponic Grow Box 300W CFL Stealth PC CabinetCrop.com Indoor Garden Cabinet:

This Hydroponic Growing Cabinet stands at 46" Tall X 14" Wide X 14" Deepand is made to be the easiest and safest stealth hydroponic or soil grow box on the market. Theseaffordableand compact units are great for small living spaces andarrive assembledand ready to grow. Our inexpensive and simple cabinets have everything you need to begin understanding and mastering the indoor cultivation process. The lockable door and dual carbon filters keep your whole projectsafe and securityconscious, and thediscreet shippingand billing policy maintains secrecy and confidentiality.

Why buy from Cabinet Crop?

Each of our products ishand craftedand built to order. We pride ourselves on presenting our customers with a high quality product created for the sole purpose ofincreasing your harvestyields. Our cabinets are built to have an overall finished look that blends in with your interior furniture formaximum stealth. We offer the highest quality and fairest priced growing cabinets currently on the market. None of our “competitors” can even compare to ourlow prices, high end construction, and inclusive packages. Our cabinets featurehigher wattage lightingsystems because (unlike our competitors) we offer morepowerful fansfor better heat removal, thus keeping the cabinet at anoptimum growing temperature. These higher wattage lighting systems are more effective forgrowing your plants healthier and faster. Also, these more powerful fans combined with the included carbon filter pads help ineliminating unwanted odors, while making each cabinet capable for upgrade to an inline carbon filter. (This upgrade option removes 99.7% of unwanted odors while the carbon filter pads only eliminate at most 50%)

Unlike other grow cabinet companies, we offeradjustable lightingin each and every cabinet. This is a critical component for a successful harvest. Our cabinets are equipped with a light proof door seal to ensure alight-tight cabinet. (NO LIGHT IN & NO LIGHT OUT) This is also a critical component for asuccessful harvest, as outside light entering the cabinet can cause plant confusion during certain stages, thus devastating your harvest. To increase the effectiveness of our lighting, our cabinets include aPremium Mylar Lining. This special feature enables maximum light reflection and added cabinet insulation. This lining is adhered to the walls of the cabinet with construction grade water-proof adhesive and trimmed in metal tape to prevent sagging and separation from the walls. This step is important because it protects your plants from possible injury due to fire from poor construction.

Our cabinets are created foroptimum customization and easy modificationto meet your individual growing needs. We offerseveral upgrade optionson our website (CabinetCrop.com) such as higher wattage lighting, more site amount hydroponics systems, and the inline carbon filters. Each cabinet comes equipped with lockable draw latches (we offer a keylock upgrade at cabinetcrop.com) to help you create asafe and secure environment for your plants.

We ship everyproduct 95% assembledfor fast and easy set up. Each cabinet is shipped in a plain brown box (with no markings) with the CEO’s personal name on the return address for maximum discretion. We offer free shipping within the continental United States, and calculated shipping internationally. For international orders, the package is listed as wood cabinet on customs forms.

Prices are 10% Less at CabinetCrop.com
Grow Box Features-
-High Quality NO-Corners-Cut Construction

-Premium Cabinet Grade Plywood

-Strong Long Lasting Hinges and Lockable Draw Latches

-High Output Energy Efficient Two-Stage 300W CFL Lighting System

-Ultra Quiet 170 CFM Air Circulation System

-Activated Carbon Filtration System

-Easy to Use and Operate 4 PlantHydroponic Grow System

-Light and Air Proofing System

-Lighting Automation System

Grow Cabinet Comes With-

1- Professionally ConstructedBuilt to LastWood Cabinet

1- 110 CFM High Speed Aluminum Cased Dual Ball Bearing Fan (Rated to run 67000 hrs)

1- 60 CFM Ultra Quiet Fans with Carbon Filters

1- 100% Foam Rubber Door Seal (No light in and no Light out)

2- Strong Lockable Draw Latches

1- 300W Two-Stage (Grow & Bloom) CFL Lighting System (Good for all stages of Plant Growth)

2- UL Listed Over-Current Protected Power Strips (A Must for Fire Prevention)

3- Socket to Light Adapters

Hydroponic Grow System Comes With-

1- Light Proof 4 Plant Hydroponic System

4- Net Pots

4- Rockwool Cups (Growing Medium)

1- Ultra Quiet 10 Gallon Rated Air Pump

1- 4" Air Stone With 2' of BlackAir Line

1- Fill Hole Cover and Rubber Drain Plug(Easy Water Checking, Adding and Water Changes)

1- Three-Part-Nutrient System (Grow, Bloom & Micro) for Maximum Nutrient Control

1- PH Test & Adjust Kit (PH Up, PH Down & One Pack of 80 PH Test Strips)

This Is one of the Most Complete Packages You Will Find!

Please Visit CabinetCrop.com and automatically SAVE 10% Today

Use this coupon and save an additional 5% today:


(case sensitive)

Each of our stealth hydroponic grow cabinets arebuilt to orderand are shipped out95% pre-assembledfor Fast and easy setup. All our products areshipped securelyin a plain brown box. Your grow cabinet and hydroponic systems will get to you in one piece andinconspicuously. We do acceptreturns for 14 daysfor any reason. You, the buyer, will need to pay for the return shippingbutyou will need to pay a 10% restocking fee.We do ship Internationally!!Shipping is calculated by your location.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Please ask before you offer or buy. Thanks a lot for stopping by and have a great day!

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