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AutoPot 100 Pot Smart Pot System 18.9L pots hydroponics systems grow room For Sale

AutoPot 100 Pot Smart Pot System 18.9L pots hydroponics systems grow room

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AutoPot 100 Pot Smart Pot System 18.9L pots hydroponics systems grow room :

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Autopot 100 Pot Smart pot Systems

AutoPot XL SmartPot Systems take the immense capacity and versatility of theXL System and incorporate the original, market-leadingSmartPot.

All our XL Systems are now available with 18.9 litrefabric SmartPotsat no extra cost. Amongst the range of fabric pots on the market SmartPots are exceptional for their use of BPA-free,lead-free material with no off-gassing or leaching guaranteed.

  • Bigger – SmartPot’s porous fabric sides allow for air pruning which effectively eliminates root circling – giving you bigger plants from smaller pots.
  • Faster – Increased oxygen exchange in the substrate via the porous fabric walls supercharges growth.
  • Smarter – Air pruning cultivates a vastly increased number of secondary feeder roots which in turn increase nutrient and water uptake.


Product Info

The construction of SmartPots is such that they provide a uniquely rigid base for a fabric pot which keeps your plants upright. For retailers and customers alike SmartPot Systems also offer huge savings in shipping, stocking and storage space.

The benefits of growing in SmartPots are, put simply: Bigger, Faster, Smarter plants.

The AutoPot SmartPot System combines our power-free, water efficient, low maintenance, modular systems with high performance fabric pots for the first time. SmartPots stimulate plant growth by aerating, feeding and guiding the root structure rather than merely containing it.

The porous BPA-free, lead-free SmartPot material allows improved gas exchange in the substrate. Free to breathe the root zone can see dramatically enhanced oxygen levels – supercharging growth.

When root tips reach the porous side of a SmartPot they are ‘air-pruned’ – detered from extending any further by the air outside.Secondary roots then develop, creating a fibrous root structure with vastly improved moisture and nutrient uptake.Root circling is also thus eliminated making it possible to produce bigger plants from smaller pots.

Extremely durable and reusable the SmartPots are easily cleaned betwen uses if desired. Once emptied the SmartPots are best left to dry. After a few days any dust and small roots are easily brushed off. Whilst this level of cleaning is completely sufficient the SmartPot may be machine or tub washed in peroxide in order to sterilize. Do not put SmartPots in a tumble dryer.

A SmartPot XL System contains all you need to set up an automated watering system with fabric pots. The compact size and portability that SmartPot brings to XL means jaw-dropping reductions in shipping costs and much easier storage for stores and growers alike.

As with all of our systems the SmartPot System is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single reservoir. The pots and trays can be easily moved at will, if the plants grow too large they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up with a water and nutrient filled reservoir this extremely versatile, gravity-fed system will run automatically. It will completely take care of all your plants needs withoutthe need for pumps, timers or intensive maintenance.

When growing in AutoPot Watering Systems it is essential that aPotSock Round(PotSock included) be fitted to the base of each SmartPot to provide root control.

SmartPot 100 System includes:

1x 750 ltr FlexiTank
1x 16mm click-fit tank adaptor & filter
1x 50 metre length of 6mm pipe
1x 40 metre length of 16mm pipe
5x 16mm in-line tap
2x 16mm tee connector
50x 16mm-6mm cross connector
1x 16mm cross connector
100x 1Pot XL trays & lids
100x 18.9ltr SmartPot
100x AQUAvalve
100x PotSock Round

Please note: Room humidity may be increased when growing with multiple SmartPots indoors due to the exposed, porous surface of the fabric pots.



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Couriers may sometimes experience delays, may be unable to locate the delivery address or may out source international deliveries to external companies, if any of these occur please contact us directly first as we always do our best to go above and beyond for our customers.

International deliveries are usually sent 24hrs after payment has cleared and are sent on a 3-14 day service depending on location.

If we do become aware of any possible delivery delays we will try our best to notify all concerned as soon as possible however we do recommend checking the tracking information as soon as it is posted on .


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Any damaged or faulty items must be reported within 2 days. photographic evidence must be provided and a replacement item will be sent out.

If the item was damaged in transit photographic evidence of the packaging and delivery label must also be provided.


While we always maintain a high standard of customer service occasionally certain issues may arise, we will be honest and to the point and expect the same from the customer. If you do have any issues or concerns please contact us directly and avoid opening any cases.

once you have received your item and are happy please leave positive response and 5 star detailed seller ratings, if you do not wish us to leave response please message us directly.

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