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iPower 5-Bulb 2FT/2700K 4FT/6400K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs for Grow Tent For Sale

iPower 5-Bulb 2FT/2700K 4FT/6400K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs for Grow Tent

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iPower 5-Bulb 2FT/2700K 4FT/6400K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs for Grow Tent:

About this item
  • Specifications: Color temperature: 2700K; length: 2FT/22.2IN; Wattage: 24W
  • New technology: iPower T5 grow light bulbs feature a high output intensity which provide everything you need to get your plants growing. Ideal for Aquariums, greenhouses, propagation, germination, general office lighting
  • Reduce waste: Stimulates bud production and the blooming of flowers. The soft glow, low heat emission, and small size allows you to hang these lights close to your plants without bleaching or frying the leaves
  • These T5 lamps are cost effective an efficient with very low heat emissions reduce or eliminate the need for expensive ventilation and air conditioning. Perfect for the stage when plants need to stop growing and start blooming
  • Long lifetime: The average useable lifespan is well over 20,000 hours
From the manufacturer

iPower is the leading manufacturer of grow light systems, supplying the gardeners worldwide for over a decade. Our goal is to put a light in every garden where needed.

In addition to double-ended HPS/MH and ceramic MH technology, we offer digital ballasts, super HPS and MH lamps, fluorescent, and LED lighting. From hobbyist to commercial applications, we offer a broad spectrum of garden tools and equipment in hydroponics, irrigation, climate control, and structures to help your garden thrive.

Package Includes 5x T5 Light Bulbs of 24W Each

Dimensions: Length - 22.20" / Diameter - 0.62"

T5 Bulbs are small in diameter, but work as bright and efficient light sources. The average useable life span for these bulbs is well over 20,000 hours

Man-made light sources experience some level of lumen depreciation over time

T5 Fluorescent bulbs will only depreciate between 8 and 10 percent of their rated lumen output throughout their lives

A key factor in switching to T5 lighting is its ability to not only produce better light, but also to do so while consuming far less energy

Office, garage, and store lighting

2700K for vegetative growing

6400K for flower production

Aquarium lighting

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