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Ultimate Mushroom Growing Kit - 12 Jars Grow Mushrooms Fast For Sale

Ultimate Mushroom Growing Kit - 12 Jars  Grow Mushrooms Fast

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Ultimate Mushroom Growing Kit - 12 Jars Grow Mushrooms Fast:

Midwest Grow Kit's Best Selling Kit Since 2011!

The Ultimate Mushroom Growing & Incubator Kit

Confused onwhere to start?

There are many kits being soldon the internet and that it may be confusing where to start! The firstthing you need to decide is what type of mushrooms you want to grow. Next, what space in your house are you growing? This kit can be grown anywhere! Automatic temperature control allows perfect 76 degree heat in any room or basement! Most kits do not include a heating system!

If you arelooking to grow gourmet cooking mushrooms, the usual way to grow is by purchasing a pre-made mushroom block from many different sellers here, you can find them all over . If you are looking to grow exotic mushrooms, thenyou should be looking at growing in jars. This method makes the difficult taskof growing much easier and rewarding! All our kits include jars pre-sterilizedand ready for your spores. You can grow ALL types!

About US

MidwestGrowKits is one of the leading USA Suppliers of Automated mushroom cultivation kits for the last 15 years. We offer the highest quality mushroom growing supplies at the lowest possible cost! The internet is filled with over-priced complicated kits. We know your hard earned dollars are important so every product we sell is priced well below the competition. We provide our customers all the equipment and knowledge you need to be successful your FIRST time growing!

The Magic Starts Here! SEE the Difference!

This kit includes the followingBrand New items:

  • 12 Ultra Substrate Jars, 1/2 Pint, Premixed & Pressure Sterilized (The best on the net)
  • Dual Design Growing Chamber 20"X 15"X 12"
  • Digital Thermometer/Hydrometer/Humidity Gauge
  • Powerful 100 watt Aquarium Heater with adjustable thermostat settings (Very important)
  • Ultra Quiet Electric Air Pump (Low pressure air exchange system, no holes to drill)
  • HEPA Air filter built in to our special Silicone air hose
  • Heavy Duty Electric timer with 24 on/off settings per day
  • 110V 900 Lumen LED Dual Spectrum plug in grow light with 5000K/6500K spectrum
  • Light Outlet Adapter/Converter
  • 1 Gallon of Premium Perlite (Formulated to release moisture better)
  • Hospital grade Nitrile gloves for inoculation
  • Alcohol Prep Swabs
  • Step by Step Mushroom Growing Videos included!
  • Extremely detailed step by step growing guide with pictures designed for this kit- ALSO mushroom Cultivation 101: How to inoculate, How to Incubate, How to Fruit, Casing methods & amazing way to quickly dry your mushrooms

This design is for the mycologist who wants itall. The kit fits together seamlessly. The user of this kit will achieve thePERFECT growing conditions without ever being around. The powerful heater can beadjusted to reach temperatures up to 86 degrees, even in cold basements! The automated air pump systemsintegrate a HEPA filter to keep contamination out and fresh air in. Theelectrictimer is easy to setup and can be adjusted to maximize the Humidity levels inthe chamber.

The chamber can be used as an incubator during thefirst few weeks. This allows for optimal colonizing & fruiting temperaturesand faster colonization times.There is no need for misting; this setupwill obtain perfect 95-99% humidity levels with fresh oxygen pumped inthroughout the day!Absolutely no need for a humidifier! Growing Mushroomshas never been easier!

Set it and Forget it!

Overview of process

Setup your kit as an incubator for the first step. Add water to the bottom container and use the aquarium heater to achieve your desired temperature. Water is the most natural and even heat source. The heater has a built in thermostat which maintains the temperature once set. The upper container stays dry and serves as your incubator and fruiting chamber. After injecting your favorite spores into each jar, watch them quickly colonize. Once they are 100% colonized removefrom the jars, add Perlite and water intothe grow chamber and watch the mushrooms grow fast! Almost everything in thekit can be reused so you can keep growing!!

The importance of Heat & Humidity

When growing mushrooms there are two things thatare very important; heat and humidity. Whenthe jarsare colonizingin the first stage they need warmer temperatures to properly grow. During thefruiting stage they need slightly cooler temps. The Ultimate kit allows you toadjust to any temperatures needed. Humidity and proper Co2 exchange is alsoimportant. Our kit maintains perfect 95%+ humidity with very little effort. Weuse a special Perlite that when combined with heat and air pump doesa better job maintaining humidity than any external humidifier. The air pumpcombined with our HEPA filter hose pumps in fresh clean air and Co2 is eliminatedthrough the top of the chamber. This system lets your shrooms grow fatterand larger than any other method. We always love to compare our system toothers and "see the difference" We guarantee it!

OurUltimateSubstrate Jars

Our Ultra Substrate jars are the absolutebest on the net. We have carefully fine-tuned the ingredients to produceamazingly fast growing jars that will outgrow any others we've tested. OurUltra Substrate jars are the absolute best on the net. We have carefullyfine-tuned the ingredients to produce amazingly fast growing jars that willoutgrow any others we've tested. Half Pint jars are the optimal size jars forgrowing mushrooms! When you use bigger jars, results are NOT much bigger,colonization times are also MUCH longer, and jars tend to dry out before fullycolonizing. That's why we use half pint, they are known to be the best and theindustry standard for time and total quantity!

These ingredients have been tested &proven to yield the biggest most potent mushrooms possible

  • Natural Organic Brown Rice Flour
  • Vermiculite
  • Mineral Water
  • Worm Castings (Similar to Horse Dung but much better and more nutrient rich!)
  • Bee Pollen (Nature's Super-Nutrient)


Jars are Pressure Sterilized at15psi for 120 Minutes in our new Autoclave, eliminating ANY possibility ofcontamination!

Whychoosethis kit?

This kit is the biggest kit being sold on . It’s designed to yield high quantities ofmushroomsfor the beginner or shroom fanatic wanting to save time and effort runningaround.This kit is far superior to any other exotic kit being sold today.

Howmuch can I grow?

Most people dry their exotic mushrooms for longershelf life, which we recommend and provide easy instructions on how to do so.Our Ultimate 12 jar kit will grow on average of 5-8 dried ounces of mushrooms.Keep in mind that will vary by strain.

Jars are guaranteed to be100% sterile. Kits are made fresh everyday! This kit can produce many pounds ofmushrooms! You only need to do one step and you will have mushrooms growing inless than 3 weeks!!

This kit requires one 10ccspore syringe. You choose the variety of Mushrooms to grow. We do not sell spores. Please visit the FAQ section on our main website to see our recommended spore vendors and to learn more!

How Shipping works...

We use UPS Ground. We offer FedEx Express options at a discounted rate. All orders will ship out next business day!

Your satisfaction is 100%Guaranteed! You will be amazed at how easy and simple this kit is and how theresults will blow you away!

Buy Now


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