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USB LED Grow Light Strip Full Spectrum 2835 LED Strip Indoor Plant Growing Lamp For Sale

USB LED Grow Light Strip Full Spectrum 2835 LED Strip Indoor Plant Growing Lamp

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USB LED Grow Light Strip Full Spectrum 2835 LED Strip Indoor Plant Growing Lamp:

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    Product Description

    More Details :

    USB Plant Grow LED Strip Light 0.5M 30-180LEDs 5V Flexible Dimmable Touch Switch Waterproof LED Grow Strips for Seeding Flower and Lighting】 0.5M 30LEDs/1M 60LEDs/2M 120LEDs 180LEDs, waterproof and non-waterproof LED strip ligh, purple(610nm-720nm) and ice blue(445nm ~ 465nm) light color, blue light help plants grow,enhance the chloroplasts of activities to promote plant photosynthesis. purple light promote plant production germination , flowering.

    【USB or USB + Switch】We apply USB Plug strip and USB with dimmable switch strip, the dimmable switch can be adjust the brightness from 10% to with memory function, it will remember the brightness of last setting when you power off the light.

    【High LED Quality】 SMD2835 LEDs come in high level of brightness and intensity with 60LEDs/m. Copper LED chip holder ensures long lasting service. This light strip is coated with silicone rubber so that it is splash-proof. And it's rated IP65.

    【5V USB Powered】 Works with 5V 2A or over 2A DC. You can easily get it work with your phone charger, power bank, USB power strip and etc.

    【Flexibility】 You can install these lights anywhere and in any position. That makes them perfect as supplemental lighting or as the primary lighting for small veg or seedling rooms. They give off very little heat, so you can hang them close, allowing you to grow in tiny spaces.

    【Easy to Install & DIY】 Plug & Play. Adhesive back allows you to stick them to the flat surfaces. can be cut, easy to get the length you need. If you need, please cut along the cutting Plastic, Copper

    PCB Width :10mm

    PCB Color : White

    Waterproof : Type : SMD2835

    LED Strip Specifications: 60LEDs/M

    Power: 1W / 3W / 5W / 8W

    Length: 50CM / 1M / 2M /

    LED Quantity: 30leds / 60leds / 120leds / 180leds

    Light Color: Purple, Ice Blue

    Spectrum Percent of Relative Energy:

    Blue 460-470 namometers

    Blue light triggers growth and boosts photosynthesis for fuller and compact leaves

    Red 620-660 namometers

    Blue light enhances blooming and fruiting

    Beam Angle : 120 degrees

    Voltage : DC 5V

    Storage Temp : -40~80 Celsius

    Operating Temp : -25~60 Celsius

    Note: About the packing, 0.5M and 1M model do not with reel plate, 2M with reel plate.

    Package includes:

    1X or 2X or 4X USB Plant Grow LED Strip Light

    More Pictures :

    1.Free Shipping & Fast Delivered !

    2.Shipping may be influenced by holidays, events and some other uncertainties. If you dislike the seemingly long shipping time, please think carefully to offer or buy the item. We do not want to get a negative or neutral or low DSR score because of shipping time. If you have special demand on shipping time, please inform us via message.

    Return :

    60days Free Return .

    1.Please see the size reference to find the correct size.
    2.There may be slightly color difference cause of light shooting.
    3.Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement(note 1cm=0.39inch)

    Contact Us:

    1. For any question, please do not hesitate to contact us through message, We will answer or help you to solve the problems as soon as we can.

    2. We have a professional customer service team,We will always do our up most to exceed your expectations in customer service, communication and dispatching of your orders.

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