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Root Box Hydroponics Grow 4 RDWC System Recirculating Deep Water Culture DWC For Sale

Root Box Hydroponics Grow 4 RDWC System Recirculating Deep Water Culture DWC

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Root Box Hydroponics Grow 4 RDWC System Recirculating Deep Water Culture DWC :

RootBox Hydroponics Grow 4

RecirculatingDeep Water Culture System

Howit Works -

RootBox Hydroponics Commercial RDWC Systems have the newest innovationsin Recirculating Deep Water Culture technology to consistently yieldamazing results all packaged into a box to provide you with the mostfruitful growing experience.

RootBox Hydroponics Commercial RDWC Systems feature an under waternutrient solution recirculation method. Acommercial grade inline water pump utilizesnegative water pressure to cool, mix and recirculate the highlyoxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone,ensuring pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire system.The constant re-circulation supercharges the nutrients with dissolvedoxygen, creating accelerated massive plant growth. A commercial gradeair pump and air stones put a high concentration of oxygen in thenutrient solution. Roots in the super oxygenated nutrient solutionhave more efficient nutrient uptake and use less energy trying tofind nutrients, increasing plant growth rate substantially.

RootBox Stands out from the Rest -

RootBox Hydroponics uses the newest innovations in RDWC technology withthe best parts. We have many different 2, 3 and 4 Row Systems,accommodating many grow size spaces. Our Systems have largecommercial air pumps and include two air pumps on bigger Systems. Wealso include large commercial water pumps for better recirculationwith pump pre-filter screens to prevent debris and clogs fromentering pump. System includes stainless steel bulkhead hose clampsto ensure a leak free seal. Root Box Hydroponics high-performanceCommercial Recirculating Deep Water Culture System is unmatched inefficiency, layout, adaptability and ease of use. Unique adaptabilitydesign allows you the ability to add chillers, flexi tanks and evenmore Pots at a later date. After investing in one style of system,rest assured that you’re not stuck and can build your grow space toyour satisfaction.

Throughthe use of Root Box Hydroponics Commercial RDWC Systems, beginnersand advanced growers have shown jaw dropping yields.

RootBox Hydroponics Commercial Grow System

  • Massive Yield Potential

Largecommercial air/water pumps supercharge the nutrients with dissolvedoxygen through the root zone, maximizing the nutrient uptake capacityand creating the perfect conditions for massive plant growth.

  • Efficient Design

Maximizingthe roots nutrient uptake, the nutrientsolution longevity is increased, saving you money due to lessfrequent nutrient change outs. Up to 90% reduced water usage over thecrop term compared to conventional growing methods.

  • Lower Maintenance

Thehigh volume of water recirculating in the system will help you haveconsistent pH and TDS readings and even nutrient distributionthroughout the entire system.pHand EC levels are continuously maintained with multiple plantsconnected to one Control Unit,meaning you only need to correct the pH or EC of the solution in theControl Unit rather than each Pot. This saves you time and effort.

  • Adaptability

RootBox Hydroponics Commercial Systemscomewith all the fittings for chillers and flexi tanks, giving you theopportunity to add them on at anytime, meanwhile being fullyfunctional until then. Adding to the Systems adaptability providesyou with an opportunity to build your System to fit your grow spaceand to add on more Pots at a later date.

  • Easy Assembly

EachSystem comes with pre-cut fitting holes, tubing sections and easyfitting airline with easy to follow instructions for quick assembly.Just add water, desired nutrient solution, place your seedlings intothe lower middle section of the Pot in your choice of grow media andplug into a 120V outlet. You now have year round capabilities to growmassive yields.


ControlUnit & Lid

400gph(1,514 lph) water pump w/

Pumppre-filter screens


Flexitank ready fittings

Chillerready connections

Waterlevel indicator

5gallon (20L) grow Pots

6”net lid pots


1”lower tubing


Bulkheadstainless steel hose clamps

Commercialair pump 635gph

Mainair line fittings & secure ties

Easyfit air line tubing

2” Round blue air stones

1/2”feed pipe tubing


4foot drain tube

Instructionsfor easy assembly

Grow space : 3' wide x 5' long

No Glue Needed.

Shipped ina private brown box within 24 hours& will require your signature upon arrival. Made in the USA. Happy Growing!!!
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