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Root Box Hydroponics Grow 4 RDWC System Current Recirculating Deep Water Culture For Sale

Root Box Hydroponics Grow 4 RDWC System Current Recirculating Deep Water Culture

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Root Box Hydroponics Grow 4 RDWC System Current Recirculating Deep Water Culture:

RootBox Hydroponics RDWC Systems have the newest innovationsin Recirculating Deep Water Culture technology to consistently yieldamazing results all packaged into a box to provide you with the mostfruitful growing experience.

RootBox Hydroponics RDWC Systems feature an under waternutrient solution recirculation method. Acommercial grade inline water pump utilizesnegative water pressure to cool, mix and recirculate the highlyoxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone,ensuring pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire system.The constant re-circulation supercharges the nutrients with dissolvedoxygen, creating accelerated massive plant growth. A commercial gradeair pump and air stones put a high concentration of oxygen in thenutrient solution. Roots in the super oxygenated nutrient solutionhave more efficient nutrient uptake and use less energy trying tofind nutrients, increasing plant growth rate substantially.

Root Box Hydroponics RDWC Lower Feed Grow System is (4) Large 12 Gallon Low Profile Grow Modules connected to a 5 Gallon Controller Unit. This system uses a 950GPH Air Pump powering (10) 4" Blue Bar Style Air Stones oxygenating the roots. A 800GPH Waterfall Pump is used to recirculate nutrients. The Waterfall Pump sends the nutrients in the lower 1" tubing through the 3/4" tubing to the Waterfall fitting in the Controller Unit recirculating the nutrients.
Root Box Hydroponics Grow 4 Lower Feed RDWC SystemIncludes- (4) 12 Gallon Grow Modules with Screen Fittings to keep the Waterfall pump clean.(1) 5 GallonController Unit with Drain Tube, Holding Clip, Water Level Bands(1) 3/4" Waterfall Fitting in Controller Unit(4) 10" Net Pot Lid Baskets(1) 950GPH Commercial Air Pump(1) 800GPH Waterfall Pump & Fittings(10) 2" Round blue air stones(10) Airline Set with Fittings(18) Steel Hose Clamps(2) 3/4" Chiller Fittings with Down Tubes(1) Float Valve with Green Barb Inlet Fitting(1) 4ft System Drain Hose with 3/4" Barbed Connector and ClampAll Pump Tubing, Bulkheads, Module Fittings & Hardware included for a quick easy install.System is 55"W x 6'L

No Glue Needed.

Shipped ina private brown box & will require your signature upon arrival. Made in the USA. Happy Growing!!!

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