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Rockwool Cubes 1.5 inch w/ Hole for Plants Seed Starter Cloning 28-pack For Sale

Rockwool Cubes 1.5 inch w/ Hole for Plants Seed Starter Cloning 28-pack

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Rockwool Cubes 1.5 inch w/ Hole for Plants Seed Starter Cloning 28-pack:

Rockwool Cubes.

pH neutral.

Perfect for seed starting and cloning.

Great for hydroponic, soil, and coco growing media.

Rockwool comes in a convenient range of sizes from small 1-2 in. propagation plugs joined in sheets for direct sowing crops such as lettuce and other seedlings, to large cubes of over 6 in. for more advanced transplants. Rockwool plugs are often used for cuttings where they maintain the ideal levels of aeration and moisture for rapid root development. Rockwool can be inoculated with beneficial microbes such as Trichoderma in much the same way other substrates like coco are. Our rockwool products don’t have any major influence on the EC, pH or composition of the nutrient solution applied. since rockwool provides no naturally occurring nutrients a well balanced nutrient product applied will give optimal growth.

Rockwool is manufactured to give a close to ideal level of moisture and aeration in the root zone, this helps prevent over watering and root suffocation from hypoxic conditions.

Our rockwool products come ready to use, the substrate only needs to be thoroughly watered before planting. Rockwool can be monitored with a water content meter which gives accurate measurement of the water content, EC and temperature in the plant’s root zone environment. These assist with fine tuning the application of nutrient solution to just the right level for each stage of growth.

These rockwool cubes are not individually wrap, it is best use in seedling cells or baskets.

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