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Net Pot Cloning Collars Inserts Net Pots DIY Cloner and Clone Machines 50 Pack For Sale

Net Pot Cloning Collars Inserts Net Pots DIY Cloner and Clone Machines 50 Pack

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Net Pot Cloning Collars Inserts Net Pots DIY Cloner and Clone Machines 50 Pack:

  • We provide FAST & FREE shipping!
  • 100% Risk free! If you are unhappy with purchase we will full refund you immediately!
Product information :
  • * 50 BLACK CLONING INSERT COLLARS at the preferred 48mm x 19mm (1.89" x 3/4"). These are the ultimate replacements that perfectly fit 2 inch net pots. Exclusively available from Cz Garden Supply. US Trademark, USPTO. Get the original!
  • * MAKES PROFESSIONAL CLONING EASY whether using a commercial cloning machine or DIY Cloner. Clone up to 8 TIMES the number of cuttings in the same space! Enjoy far more production with less work.
  • * NEW IMPROVED SPOKE DESIGN gives you 8 slits and 1 hole to cushion tender cuttings. Take your growing operation to the next level for healthier plants and far greater production! You'll notice the difference immediately.
  • * NON-TOXIC STERILE Closed Cell Foam. This holds NO water. Helps prevent damaging stem rot. Our foam is far superior to neoprene you see elsewhere. Try our new approach for improved hydroponics.

W:10.9 x L:13.6 x H:1.9 inches
NEW IMPROVED SPOKE DESIGNoriginally designed by Cz Garden and now copied by several competitors! Features 8 clever slits and 1 hole to cushion tender cuttings, this ensures the insertion and extraction of cuttings goes smoothly. Using a marker, you can write details on the collars or simply use the different colors to identify different plants. Get the original!

PREMIUM MATERIALClosed cell foam design holds NO water. Greatly reduces stem rot that can destroy your crop. Our highest quality Foam is Non-Toxic and sterile so you don't pick up plant diseases, bacteria, or mildew. Beware of sellers offering low quality neoprene that absorbs water, promotes bad bacteria, and negatively impacts germination rates.

GREATLY INCREASE PRODUCTIONwith the spoke design that lets you multiply the number of cuttings by up to 8 times. This means greater profits for commercial operations. Private individuals will have an easier time growing enough for friends and family.**IMPORTANT** When designing DIY cloner, you MUST use /4" hole saw.

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