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NEW PRODUCT - Autopot XXL Systems with 13 Gal Pot (ALL SYSTEM SIZES) For Sale

NEW PRODUCT - Autopot XXL Systems with 13 Gal Pot (ALL SYSTEM SIZES)

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NEW PRODUCT - Autopot XXL Systems with 13 Gal Pot (ALL SYSTEM SIZES):

AutoPot XXL13 Systems (13 Gallon Fabric Pot)

An ingenious enlargement of the ever-popular XL module, the XXL accommodates 9 gal or 13 gal fabric pots. An adaptive collar (available with XXL9 or as a separate) even allows growers to switch between pot sizes as required whilst still using the same tray. XXL9 comes with BPA-free, Lead-free, fabric FlexiPots, XXL13 comes with the same, but slightly larger, 13 gal versions.

Big as they are, these fabric pots allow growers to produce even larger plants than they might otherwise see in equivalent sized plastic pots. Air-pruning, facilitated by the porous pot sidewalls, eliminates root circling and creates a root structure which is vastly superior in feeding your plants. The same pot porosity increases oxygen exchange in the substrate – supercharging growth.

Cultivating big plants, whether one or many, requires time and technique. XXL brings ultra-low maintenance, plant-controlled AQUAvalve5 irrigation into the realm of giant growing – giving you the opportunity and head space to hone your horticultural skills.

As with all AutoPot Watering Systems, XXL operates power-free, without the need for running water, and without pumps or computers to maintain. Immense savings in time, money, and ecology are obvious merits. Such virtues are equaled only by the responsiveness with which plants are fed and watered. The AQUAvalve5s that regulate every module respond exactly to each individual plant’s needs, supplying water and nutrient solution only as and when required, without recirculation or a drop of waste.

**Each XXL13 System has a photo with a detailed list of what is included in the complete system ordered. Just Select the Pot Site amount you require and the photo will be available**

Increase system efficiency by adding the AutoPot AirDomes!

If you choose to include the optional accessories of Air Domes with your system, you will receive an Air Dome for each Pot Site ordered.

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