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Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel Lamp for Indoor Plants 144 LED 60W For Sale

Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel Lamp for Indoor Plants 144 LED 60W

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Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel Lamp for Indoor Plants 144 LED 60W:

60W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel Lamp for Indoor Plants 144 LED
Product DescriptionFull spectrum LED grow light144 Lamp beads, including 395 nm, 630 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm, 3000 K and 5500 K, which provide all the natural light needed during the growth cycle of plants and promote the entire growth cycle effect.
Energy efficient and brighterActual 60w power draw replace 400W HPS or HID grow light saving your electric bill. At work, the light is very bright, It\'s suitable for all stages of growth such as seedling, germination, vegetative flowering.
IP65 waterproofReal working environment test, wet environment, can work normally in water, improve safety factor.(No use in water)
Easy to installIt has a handle as well as metal hanging threads that connect to a clip, No need to drill holes in the wall, it can be easily hung using the Adhesive Hooks.Aside from that, the lamp is also pretty simple to use; all had to do was plug it in and flip the switch on for it to work.
Widely UsedPlant grow light widely apply to family balcony seeding/breeding, gardening, flowering, potted plants, grow tent,outdoor garden,greenhouse ,especially tall and large plants.
How does our LED plant light efficiently promote plant growthOur plant growth lamp contains 144 lamp beads
74pcs Warm White Light(3000K)-- Boosts plants flowering48pcs White Light(5000K)-- Promotes plants germination18pcs Red Light(660nm) --Promote photosynthesis in plants,accelerate plant maturity.2pcs RI (730nm) -- Stimulates the elongation of plant cells, affects flowering and seed germination.2pcs UV(395nm)-- Promote chlorophyll synthesis and enhance FCC CertificationBody Material: Aluminum+PMMAPower: 60W (Can be used instead of 400w HPS/HID)Input Voltage: 110VLED Chips:144pcs (48 White+18Red+2UV+2 IR+74White)Weight:1.1 lbPPF:13000 lm
Customer Support is our TOP PRIORITYWe are open to answer all of your questions!Shipping:Our stock all ships from our US-based warehouses.
Payment & Return:PAY SAFE: PAYPAL PAYMENT IS ACCEPTEDWe offer a 30 day return policy for our products.
We stand behind our products.Items can be returned for exchange or full refund within 30 days from the date you receive your merchandise.We are not responsible for any purchase after this 30-day period.
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