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Leafy Indoor LED Desktop Aerogarden Hydroponics & Grow Light System For Sale

Leafy Indoor LED Desktop Aerogarden Hydroponics & Grow Light System

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Leafy Indoor LED Desktop Aerogarden Hydroponics & Grow Light System:

  • 3W Full Spectrum LED Desktop Hydroponics & Grow Light System - Clean & bug free hydroponic growing
  • Grow your favorite herbs right in the kitchen and have the freshest herbs for your salad and meals
  • Removable planting pot (hydroponics or conventional planting soil), flexible for pot soil planting, Extendible light pole (7.5" to 17.5")
  • High efficiency full spectrum LED grow light - 18 hrs on, 6 hrs off LED cycle
  • BioChar growth medium & plant food included (contains no seed)
Why hydroponics?
- Saving water - uses 1/20th of water compared to soil
- based gardening
- Sterile environment
- Grow faster - around two times faster
- Yield better - yields around two times as much on same space
- Minimal upkeeping
- Healthier plants
- Grow all year round
- LED brightness - 120 lumens (3W)
- LED color temperature - 6000k (Bright white)
- LED Preset cycle - 16 hrs on/8 hrs off
- System Power - 5V 1A
- Accessories included - Power adapter/cable, BioChar x2, Plant food
Suggested herbs and days to sprout
Basil: Genovese 3~4
Basil: Globe 3~4
Basil: Holy 3~4
Basil: Lemon 3~4
Basil: Lime 3~4
Basil: Marseille 3~4
Basil: Napolitano 3~4
Basil: Purple 3~4
Basil: Thai 3~4
Cilantro 6~7
Curly Parsley 3~5
Dill 5~6
Italian Parsley 3~5
Lemon Balm 5~6
Lemon Mint 5~6
Mint 5~6
Oregano 7~8
Rosemary 5~7
Sage 5~7
Thyme 5~6
Petunia 3~5
Arugula 3~4
Baby Greens 3~4
romaine 3~4
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