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LED Grow Light with Stand for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp 3-Head For Sale

LED Grow Light with Stand for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp 3-Head

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LED Grow Light with Stand for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp 3-Head:

Product DescriptionSpecificationType of Bulb:‎LED
Quantity of Bulbs: 3
Quantity of chips: 60 leds(39 red+21 blue)
Light Color: Red+blue+mixed Spectrum
Volts: 110v
Features: Adjustable triple stand
Material:‎ Aviation Aluminum, Metal
The stand of grow light can be adjusted from 15 to 63 inches, so that it can take care of plants of different heights. 360° flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust any angle to light up your plants. So don't worried about the poor quality or color of your plants due to lack of sunshine.
This plant lights provides 10 dimmable modes and 3 spectrum modes(red, blue mixed) to suit varied stages of plant growth. The red spectrum may trigger a greater flowering response in plants.The blue spectrum help plants grow stems and leaves. Red&blue can promote the growth of plants and solve the problem of small roots and yellow leaves. And you can adjust the dimmable modes according to the growth stage of the plant.
This plant light has automatic(3H/9H/12H)timing function. If you set a timer for three hours, the light will be on for three hours at the same time every day, and you can cancel at any time. So that don't worry about your plant whatever you are working in the office or vacation, the grow light will take care plants and effective photosynthesis.
Our grow light has 60 led chips(39 red+21 blue), every LED chip has undergone strict quality control. It can accelerate the growth of plants, but it will not harm the human body or pollute the environment.
In the absence of sunlight, our grow lights can help plants to photosynthesize and obtain energy. It is suitable for office, balconies, greenhouses, basement, darkroom. Whether it is small potted plants, succulents or tall indoor plants, this grow light can promote their growth. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are on call 24 hours.

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