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Indoor Garden Hydroponic Growing System Plant Germination Kit Intelligent Garden For Sale

Indoor Garden Hydroponic Growing System Plant Germination Kit Intelligent Garden

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Indoor Garden Hydroponic Growing System Plant Germination Kit Intelligent Garden:

Ahopegarden Indoor Garden Hydroponic Growing System Plant Germination Kit Aeroponic Herb Vegetable Flower Growth Countertop with Grow Light - Planter Grower Rise Harvest for Kitchen Home Gardening
  • Fast Growing: Ahopegarden indoor garden use hydroponics and LED lights to grow plants, resulting in a fast and simple growing process. Plants sprouted in our hydroponics growing system grow up to three times faster than plants grown using traditional gardening methods. With the ability to accommodate 4 20-inch plants, this indoor herb garden is a great pick for those who want to grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, and more. Watching greens grow from seeds is almost as fun as eating them.
  • Plants Thrive: The LED grow light of our herb garden kit indoor is equipped with all necessary light spectrum colors, including red and blue wavelengths, to mimic the sunlight plants need to grow, for optimal growing conditions for the plants. Not only the plants are thriving and growing well, but also its leaves and stems are healthy green too.Using this herb planter is much easier than growing herbs outside and herbs are bigger and fresher!
  • Powerful Water Pump & Water Level Window: There is also a built-in powerful water pump in this herbs growing kits to circulate nutrients in the water to the plant’s roots, helping things flow and preventing the water from getting stale. The water pump operates quietly, which won’t disturb you. There is a transparent window on the front to see the water level. It is easy to tell when you need to add water.
  • Compact Size & Adjustable Height: This is a small hydroponic garden. It’s great for places where you don’t want a large footprint, like a kitchen counter. The shape is nice, with rounded edges, and it looks stylish and modern. The height of this hydro plant growing system can be modified for plants at various stages of development. Plants can grow up to 15.3 inches.

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