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Hydroponic Grow Kit 108 Planting Sites 12 PVC Pipes Growing System Vegetable For Sale

Hydroponic Grow Kit 108 Planting Sites 12 PVC Pipes Growing System Vegetable

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Hydroponic Grow Kit 108 Planting Sites 12 PVC Pipes Growing System Vegetable:

Hydroponic Grow Kit 108 Planting Sites 12 PVC Pipes Growing System Vegetable Description

【108 Sites Hydroponic Grow Kit】 This product is a hydroponic growth kit, 12 pipes, 4 layers, 108 plant sites, an ideal hydroponic garden system.
【High-Quality PVC Pipes】 The hydroponic kit uses high-quality PVC-U pipe to cultivate vegetables, herbs, melons and berries. Oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots for better growth, the nutrition and taste will be better.
【Easy to Assemble and Use】 Designed for quick and convenient vegetable gardening. Very suitable for all plant lovers, beginner gardeners and gardening enthusiasts! No experience is required. Please refer to the instructions for specific installation steps.
【Perfect Connection Design】 We are also equipped with U-shaped pipes, which solves the phenomenon that the water cannot flow into the four-layer pipe due to the bending of the water pipe.
【Wide Application】 Hydroponic grow kits are especially suitable for leafy vegetables in the home, garden and office, such as lettuce, herbs, celery, cabbage, etc. Can help children observe the production process of plants. Families can also enjoy fresh vegetables.

Planting Process

Step 1
1: Soak merchandise ready for planting presented in a bowl for 2-3 hours (tap water)
2: Place soaked merchandise in pits of presented sponge (1-2 per hole)

Step 2
After merchandise are placed in pits, it is also necessary to cover them with a layer of gauze and put them in a cool place, waiting for germination, which usually takes 3-5 days.

Step 3
After the merchandise grow 1-2 tender leaves, please put them in sunlight refraction place under window sill and do not expose them to strong sunlight (very important here). Prepare a container under sponge to receive water. The water level contacts sponge in half. Nutrient solution abc can be dripped into water for 5mi each. Wait for the merchandise to grow 3-4 true leaves (about 10 days)

Step 4
Transplant to crop planter only after sprouts grow 3-4 true leaves and roots penetrate through sponge and bottom of planting cup. Use nutrient solution mixed with water according to instructions. crop planter shall be placed in a ventilated place where sunlight can shine for 4-5 hours a day.

Package includes Planting tube*12,
Vertical connecting pipe*12
Horizontal connecting pipe*16
Bottom support tube*4
4-way connector*17
3-way connector*7
Plastic plug*13
2m head water pump
Planting basket*108
power plug*1
Nursery sponge
25*25 square scarf
U type connector
New pulley with foot pads*4
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