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Grow Tent Box Hydroponic 48x48x80 For Sale

Grow Tent Box Hydroponic 48x48x80
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Grow Tent Box Hydroponic 48x48x80:

Our Legacy indoor growing tent is a portable and self-contained enclosure designed for cultivating plants indoors. It provides a controlled environment for growing plants, allowing you to create the optimal conditions for their growth.
Here are some key features and components for the Legacy growing tents:
Tent Structure: The tent is made of a sturdy fabric material that is reflective on the inside to maximize light distribution, supported by framework of plastic poles that provide structural support.
Reflective Interior: The interior walls of the Legacy are lined with a reflective material to ensure that as much light as possible is directed towards the plants.
Ventilation System: The Legacy tents have openings or ducting ports for air intake and exhaust. A ventilation system consisting of fans, filters, and ducting helps regulate temperature, humidity, and airflow within the tent. All those components are NOT provided with our tent, separate purchase will be necessary. This promotes healthy plant growth and prevents issues like mold or stagnant air.
For all other accessories that can be found in a grow tent include timers for controlling lighting schedules, pH and nutrient meters for monitoring plant health, trellis netting for plant support, and water pumps or irrigation systems for hydroponic setups, lightening temperature and humidity control separate purchase will be needed. Our store provide most of them.
Legacy indoor growing tents provide an efficient and convenient way to create a controlled environment for growing plants indoors, regardless of the external conditions. They are commonly used for growing a variety of plants, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and cannabis.
Large zipped door and 2 zipped windows for easy access. Easy to move once constructed. Mesh pockets so you can better supervise daily growth of your plants.
Happy GrowingI 😊The Legacy team.

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