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Gardening: Hydroponics for Self Sufficiency: Vegetables, Herbs, and Berries For Sale

Gardening: Hydroponics for Self Sufficiency: Vegetables, Herbs, and Berries

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Gardening: Hydroponics for Self Sufficiency: Vegetables, Herbs, and Berries:

This sale is for one USED Book

ships media mail

Used: good condition w/ shelf wear, no writing seen from flip through.

See last few pics for seen blemishes.

(cover may have indent marks, scuffs, scratches, creases, curl pages).

Please see the pictures for more details on the condition and the content(s) of this listing.

The photos are the actual item(s) you will receive.

Unless there are multiple quantities,then there can be slight variations from the item(s) pictured.

(nothing more than what is displayed)

Please verify fit/usage and ask questions before purchase.

Gardening: Hydroponics for Self Sufficiency:

Vegetables, Herbs, and Berries

Format: Trade Paperback


Author:Melissa Honeydew

Publisher: Create Space

Publication Year: 2015

Language: English

Pages: 188

Qty:1 Book

Info from web:

Grow Your Favorite Foods All Year Round!

With your hydroponic system, you can grow a huge variety of vegetables,

fruits, melons, and herbs: Artichokes Broccoli Beans Onions Tomatoes

Lemon Balm Oregano Sage Watermelons and many more!

Expanded 3rd Edition of Gardening.In this book, you’ll discover

which of the 6 Types of Hydroponic Systems is right for you.

From pest controlto choosingthe right growing mediums, this book has it all:

Bucket Bubbler Systems Ebb and Flow SystemsNFT Systems Hydroponic Window Gardens

and even Floating Hydroponic Gardens! Learn the secrets of growing all kinds of vegetables.

For example, you’ll find out about the equipment, procedures, and fertilizers you needto growamazing

hydroponic cucumbers. You’ll also learn how to master other delicious hydroponic vegetables,

such as garlic, potatoes, and carrots! You can even master the art of growing

sweet and succulent hydroponic strawberries!

If there are any questions, please ask them before the purchase.

Our handling time is 2 business days and we use a variety of shipping carriers.

Please contact us if you have specific needs on shipment before purchase.

We only use labels, so make sure that your address is correct before purchasing.

Our Goal is to provide you with a happy transaction,please kindly contact us

if there are concerns, so we know how to best provide customer service!

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