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FEMAJUANA - (2) Pack 8 oz Spray Bottle - Seed Feminization For Sale

FEMAJUANA - (2) Pack 8 oz Spray Bottle - Seed Feminization

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FEMAJUANA - (2) Pack 8 oz Spray Bottle - Seed Feminization :

  • Femajuana is a proprietary blend of natural mineral compounds that induce a female plant to produce pollen sacs. This results in maximum time and effort saved so you can focus on the important part of your harvest.
  • Application: Spray 1 - 3 times per day for 10 - 21 days.
  • Select a female plant that is entering the flowering stage. Generously spray the area you wish to grow pollen sacs on 1 - 3 times a day for 10 - 21 days. Timing and spray amount may vary for different plant varieties.
  • Pollen sacs will begin to form and may be harvested when ready. This pollen will contain the genetics of the female plant. When used to fertilize other females, the seeds produced will be all female and a cross strain of both mothers!
  • The term feminization can be a bit confusing, since we are dealing only with female plants. In fact, what this describes is the resulting sex of the seeds produced. You are ensuring the feminization of the seeds by making a female plant produce pollen which is normally on male plants.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe - Contains no alcohol - Refrigeration not required - Made in the USA
Product description

You may use Femajuana to gently cause your female plants to produce pollen. You may then use this female created pollen to breed with other female plants. The resulting offspring will be completely female instead of the normal 50/50 ratio. This streamlines the growing and breeding process tremendously! Once you have a plant that is producing pollen, make sure to isolate it from other plants to prevent any cross pollination. Femajuana is also completely safe and non toxic, so there are absolutely no harsh chemicals or irritants. After collecting the pollen from the female plant, you may use a brush to apply it to the plant that you would like to pollinate. Please remember, it may take 6 weeks for the seeds to develop completely.

Why use Femajuana to grow feminized seeds?
It can take up to 6 weeks to determine the sex of a plant and the resulting offspring can easily be up to 70% male! If you're looking to maximize the quality of your harvest, then you only want to invest time in the female offspring. By using Femajuana, you ensure all of the plants will germinate female. There is no lost time and energy looking for and removing male plants.

How do you make feminized seeds?
When using Femajuana on a female plant, you are able to induce the production of male sex organs that make pollen. The pollen produced from a female plant will only contain female genes. When this specialized pollen is used to fertilize another female plant, all resulting offspring will be female.

How should you use Femajuana?
Femajuana should be applied to a mature, female plant when it is flowering or just before. For auto-flowering plants, begin when they reach 6 inches tall. For the best results, select more than one plant and branch to treat with Femajuana. There are many different varieties and genetics at play in marijuana, so multiple application sites is helpful to achieve the results.

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