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FC-E6500 Hydro LED Grow Light Bar Indoor Plant Flower Full Spectrum Growing Lamp For Sale

FC-E6500 Hydro LED Grow Light Bar Indoor Plant Flower Full Spectrum Growing Lamp
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FC-E6500 Hydro LED Grow Light Bar Indoor Plant Flower Full Spectrum Growing Lamp:

PPE: 2.9 µ mol/JCoverage: Flower Coverage: 5 ′ X5 ′, Veg Coverage: 6 ′ X6 ′Dimension: 40.8 "x41.7" x3.9“Grow Tent Compatible: 5'X5 'Input Voltage: 100-277VActual Power Consumption: 640W ± 5%Lifetime: 50 000 HrsBuilt in Driver: UL Listed Waterproof DriverSpectrum: Full spectrum LEDDaisy Chain Dimmable: OFF-20% -40% -60% -80% -100% with 0-10V LightDimmer (included)LED Distribution:1728pcs 3000K LEDs288pcs 6500K LEDs576pcs 660nm red LEDsPhilizon Foldable 640W LED Grow Light is a high output and full term lighting solution for indoor vertical farming and grow room, with high efficiency LEDs and high quality drivers to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom It's the best choice for commercial growers and even home growers!
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          • About Us
            TitleFoldable Commercial SeriesSpider bar seriesUV IR SERIES Quntum panel May you Like
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            FC-E6500 Hydro LED Grow Light Bar Indoor Plant Flower Full Spectrum Growing LampNEW 2023 Folding DESIGN LED GROW LIGHT
            Philizon Foldable 640W LED Grow Light is a high output and full term lighting solution for indoor vertical farming and grow room, with high efficiency LEDs and high quality drivers to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom It's the best choice for commercial growers and even home growers!
            This light is very similar to the many more expendable Fluence SPHDRx, in that both of them use High Tech samsung chips and 660nm red light. But Philizon bar light costs about half as much and gives you more power. Also 3 years warranty. Safety FCC ETL Certified and IP56 Rated. Passive cooling, extrusion pure aluminum can 100% ensure heat dispersion Plants will grow better under the Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, as well as their yield Will increase hugelily


            PPE: 2.9 µ mol/J

            Coverage: Flower Coverage: 5 ′ X5 ′, Veg Coverage: 6 ′ X6 ′

            Dimension: 40.8 "x41.7" x3.9“

            Grow Tent Compatible: 5'X5 '

            Input Voltage: 100-277V

            Actual Power Consumption: 640W ± 5%

            Lifetime: 50 000 Hrs

            Built in Driver: UL Listed Waterproof Driver

            Spectrum: Full spectrum LED

            Daisy Chain Dimmable: OFF-20% -40% -60% -80% -100% with 0-10V Light

            Dimmer (included)

            LED Distribution:

            1728pcs 3000K LEDs

            288pcs 6500K LEDs

            576pcs 660nm red LEDs






            ABOUT THIS ITEM


            Features Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm LEDs each rated at 3.0 µmol/J PPE, the highest efficiency With wide 8-bar form design offers even&broad canopy coverage, maximize grow space, ideal for high PPFD cultivation with single or multi tier racking. Consuming only 640 Watts true output with 2400 pieces of LEDs, more scientifically and energy-efficient! Perfect for 6.5 'x 6.5' veg stage, 5.5 'x 5.5' Flower stage, higher intensity reach 30% than other blue red lights. PPFD up to 1520 μ Mol/㎡ s, The best solution to get more and better quality fruits!

            🌿 Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Light

            This full spectrum LED Grow Light uses 2592 pcs upgrade SMD lamp beans (3000K, 6500K, and 660nm) Adequate and sun like light can prevent the growth of plants from spinning and molding The best lighting solution for indoor hydroponics and soil cultivation, such as pots, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. suit for all plants whole stages indoor growth, rapid plant response from seed to veg To flower to Harvest!

            Designed for durability. Silent fanless design. Built-in large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks, essential for heat dissipation while ensuring long lifespan of the light. Adopts high quality driver to achieve high PAR output, longer lifespan to speed up plant's grow processes and boost yields while saving you on your energy bill. Plug-and-play mounting system allows you to easily use.

            🌿 Noise free Fanless Led Grow Lamps for Industrial Plants

            Designed for home growers, fans get noise when long time is used, but this LED light board uses aluminum to make it cool down inside use fans, bringing you a fan less quiet grow experience


            An added dimmer knob is featured to precisely manipulate the brightness level of the light, obtaining perfect growth performance for each growing phase. It can completely turn off the light! Daisy chain function allows you to connect up to 80pcs grow lights for your commercial growing, horizontal and vertical farming, greenhouse planting and hydroponics etc.

            🌿 Marvelous Customer Service

            Philizon provides truth 3-5 years standard warranty! If there is any question or concerns, please feel free to Email us. We will help you with great Style, Optimized Light Spread, and Light Uniformity

            – World Class UL Listed Water proof Driver

            Foldable Elegant Design, Out of box Feature, User Friendly&Easy Set Up

            Customized Aluminum Skin, Large Cooling Area, Updated Heat Dissection

            Daisy Chain Dimming Function, Up to 50 Lights

            – High quality Samsung 281B LED, High Light Intensity, High Energy Conversion, Stable Performance, Longer Lifetime

            Quiet No Cooling Fans, No Noises

            – New Clear Waterproof Glue Technology on the LED Light Panel Protection Cover

            - Fully Dimmable, 0-10V Light

            – Optimized Full IN THE BOX

            -1X LED grow light

            -1X Power cord

            -1X Hanging hook kits

            -1X User Manual

            -1X Daisy Chain Cord

            -1X Driver

            Recommended for:

            *Commercial windows


            *Home windows (rooms and tents)

            *Soil, hydroponic, aeronic, or aquatic systems

            *Indoor farming or LED Grow Lighting

            *Artistic LED Grow Lighting

            *Greenhouse LED Grow Lighting

            *Hydronics LED Grow Lighting

            *Vertical Farming LED Grow Lighting

            The led grow lamp is suitable for Hydrology, Horticulture, Agriculture and Greenhouse,

            vertical farming, aeropot, aerospace system, aerogarden, grow rack

            Locations: Farm, Exhibition, Garden, Home, Urban, Bonsai, and University Lab

            Growth of medical plants, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and so on

            Seeding, Rooting, Breeding, Flowing and Fruiting detailsTerms of salesQuestion and AmswersContact usPayment

            10 Years LED Grow Light Factory &Manufacturer

            UL/ETL/CE Certified Safety LED Light Products

            CA/US /DE/UKWarehouse Fast&Convenient Delivery

            Phlizon customized our light spectrum to optimize plant growth and increase yields while consuming less energy and reducing operating costs compared with traditional horticulture technologies. Higher Light Intensity,Better Coverage, More advanced features ( dimmer and wifi control

            Phlizon are looking for wholesellers, distributors, retailers all over the world. If you have sales channels, we offer you best product and service. Just contact us for more discussion choose Phlizon:

            Phlizon are the professional lighting manufacture, since 2011, focus on LED Grow lights more than 10years. we dedicates to high quality and performance grow lights with higher PAR/PPF for indoor horticulture plants. We customized our grow lights with real full spectrum to optimize plants growth and improve yields with energy saving and details

            USA: 5-12 working days

            UK: 2-3 working days

            EU:5-10 working days

            shipping day within 24hours after payment.

            If you can't receive it for a long time,please contact me first !


            1. Orders processed within 1-2 business day of payment verification.There’s no Delivery service or courier service on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays.

            2. We have 3 different warehouse in US,so due to stock status and time differences, we will choose to ship your item from our first available warehouse for fast delivery.

            3. We offer Free Shipping within the Lower 48 states! All packages are sent via UPS or USPS.The delivery time for UPS Ground is typically 2-5 business days.

            Terms of salesHow to leave 5 stars positive response , here are the steps :

            Your comment is very important in our business success.

            We strive to ensure 100% satisfaction for each and every one of our customers. we offer a 30-day &100% money-back guarantee on all orders. If your item isn't just as you wished, simply send it back to us and we'll refund or replace your item. Please note that all returns must be authorized by our Customer Service department. please contact us though message first if you have any problem.

            Because we believe Anything can be resolved through communication.Thank you!

            Question and Amswers1.Are these items authentic Phlizon ?
            Re:Yes,they are 100% real and authentic . We directly get them from factory with excellent quality and competitive price more than 7 Years.
            2.Sometimes, I turn off my light, it can't be completely extinguished, it’s normal?
            Re: it’s normal, can’t affect the light work, just due to the voltage difference, if you mind it, can unplug it when you don’t use it.
            3.What can I grow with your led grow lights? Great for all stages?
            Re: Phlizon lights are great for all types of plants such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, medical plant, herbs, bonsai, fruits, etc. Our lights can be used in all growing stages from seedling to veg to flowering and harvest.Application: Seeding / Breeding/ Veg/ Flower/For all planting stages / Green Vegs / Flower Plant / Fruit Plant / Herbs / Medical / Meat Plant /Hydroponics / Horticulture / Indoor plants / Greenhouse Lighting / Pot Culture / Farm / Water Soluble Breeding / Pipeline Cultivation/Exhibition / House Garden / Bonsai / Home / Commercial Crops / Project / Personal Growing / Urban and University Research ect.
            4.What decide your harvest?
            Re:Many factors will affect plants growing, like spectrum, PAR value, real power draw. Many growers say 30-50 watt per square foot is an ideal figure to get decent harvest when they grow medical plants.So please don't be mislead by high led power, but ignore the real power draw of led grow light.
            5.For larger areas should I go with a single large panel or multiple medium to small lights?
            Re:Using multiple lights allows you to better distribute the intense light in more areas of the grow space instead of having all of the higher intensity light concentrated in only one area while the outer edges never receive intense light.
            6.Can I grow plants with my HPS together with LED?
            Re:Yes, you can, with a ratio of LED and HID/HPS of 2:1 or 1:1, you can get better growing result, bigger and higher quality buds.
            7.If I don’t like the light, can return it for free and get full refund?
            Re: According to our new return policy, if the light was broken by itself, you can return it for free. If you return the light due to personal reason, we only bear a half shipping fee. And for all refund, we can’t afford transfer fee.
            8.Goods delivered, but I didn’t get it, how should I do?
            Re: If the shipping address is correct, please kindly contact your shipping service center with the tracking number. Cause we are in China that we cannot contact your local service center.
            If they can’t help, please submit your case number and the “unsigned certificate” to us , notice that your name and date should be written by your handwriting. And then we will appeal to the post office immediately. It will take 7 days to get reply, we’ll send you response once we were informed.
            9. Lamps temperature recommendations:
            Re:The ambient temperature should be maintained below 30 degrees Celsius, and it's normal the lamp shell temperature below 75 degrees Celsius. If you find that the temperature is too high during usage, check the ambient temperature, and then remove the power supply to the outside of the tent, increase the fan above the lamp.Contact us1.Our office hours are MONDAY - Saturdays 9:00PM - 6:00PM PST.
            2.All messages will be responed within 12~24 housrs, except holidays.3.for bulk orders,pls contact me for discounter before purchase.Best Selling

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