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FAFAGRASS Hydroponics Growing System 12 Pods Stackable Indoor Garden. For Sale

FAFAGRASS Hydroponics Growing System 12 Pods Stackable Indoor Garden.
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FAFAGRASS Hydroponics Growing System 12 Pods Stackable Indoor Garden.:

  • Stackable & Easy to Clean Design - The 12-pod Fafagrass Hydroponics Growing System is designed to stack up to 3 identical Indoor Gardens for simultaneous use so that you can grow up to 36 plants at the same time flexibly. Moreover, this indoor herb garden\'s water tank with growing light is detachable for washing. With this intimate design, you can clean the water tank more easily without being disturbed by wires compared with another regular hydroponic system.
  • 12 Plant Pods & Huge Water Tank - With the capacity of 12 growing pods, you can grow sufficient plants one time with this hydroponics growing system. This hydro garden\'s vast six-water reservoir can keep your plants hydrated. You need to refill on average once every 2-3 weeks after your plants grow, reducing the amount of maintenance. Coming with the water level indicator also makes monitoring the water level a breeze.
  • 2X Faster Than Soil Planting - The full spectrum L.E.D. grow lights are tailored for faster germination and growth. The lights replicate the wavelength of light plants need to grow, and the rays of light are more focused (while other brands\' are decentralized). Like natural sunlight, this intelligent garden provides a nature night cycle of 14hrs ON/10 Hrs OFF. You can enjoy faster growth under the perfect nutrient balance and light exposure that Fafagrass indoor growing system provides.
  • Grow Plants All Year Round - Simulating the natural environment, the water pump runs on a 10 min ON/30 min off cycle and provides aeration and nutrient circulation for the roots of your plants. In this perfect simulation of natural systems, this hydroponic garden is a deal for planting herbs, fruits, flowers, and vegetables 365 days a year. Instead of outdoors, the plants can be grown in your kitchen, living room, or balcony whenever and wherever you like. This is the best choice as a gift!
  • Using The Best Auxiliary Materials: The 12 grow sponges coming with this hydroponics growing system are made of foam from famous Japanese brands containing no harmful chemicals. These high-quality sponges have proper high water absorption, absorbing enough water but not too much, avoiding rotten roots. Fafagrass is committed to letting you own your garden, which can grow 100% local organic herbs, fruits, salads, and flowers and is free from G.M.O.s and chemicals!

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