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Easy Rolls 2.0 Adjustable Yoyo Light Rope Hanger Reflector LED HPS Lamp Hooks For Sale

Easy Rolls 2.0 Adjustable Yoyo Light Rope Hanger Reflector LED HPS Lamp Hooks

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Easy Rolls 2.0 Adjustable Yoyo Light Rope Hanger Reflector LED HPS Lamp Hooks:

Easy Rolls 2.0 + Easy Hooks

Do you need to hang multiple reflectors or light fixtures in your grow space and want the best deal for the Easy Rolls? Well you're in the right place.

Easy Rolls make raising or lowering the height of your reflector or light fixture absolute doddle! Get rid of the clanking chains and the knotted strings – try a pair of Easy Rolls today! Version 2.0 Easy Rolls feature a greatly enhanced, harmonic steel internal mechanism for improved sturdiness and reliability.
These areGenuine Easy Rolls, made in Italy by Sacla - don't settle for a cheap replica.

  • Easily adjust the height of your reflector in a moment
  • Strong cords, 1.2m / 4ft long at full extension
  • Well-made and reliable
  • Adjustable clutch-tension for different weight reflectors
  • Includes eyelets for easy hanging from ceiling hooks
  • Includes Easy Hooks for easily attaching reflectors
  • Suitable for most reflectors and light fixtures up to 10Kg / 22lbs

1 x Pair of Easy Rolls with a pair of Easy Hook clips as pictured

How Easy Rolls Work:

An Easy Roll is an easy-to-hang spring-loaded cord-dispenser with a length of 1.2m / 4ft. When the cord is pulled or weight is put on it, the Easy Roll will allow the cord length to be increased. When no tension or weight is applied to the cord, the Easy Roll winds the cord back into itself. A wing-nut on the side allows the user to adjust the clutch-tension which sets how much weight needs to be applied before the Easy Roll will begin to dispense cord. With your reflector attached using the Easy Hook Clip and the clutch-tension set correctly, the Easy Roll will allow easy height adjustment by gently lifting the reflector up or gently pressing it down but when no weight or lift is applied, the Easy Roll maintains it's set-position. Version 2.0 Easy Rolls have been redesigned to maximise durability and robustness, with a greatly improved, harmonic steel internal mechanism.

Using Easy Rolls:

Easy Rolls are suitable for almost all reflectors and light fixtures up to 10Kg / 22lbs in weight. The main exceptions to this are the Euro, the Adjust-A-Wings and the Adjustable Reflector as these are a little too light for the Easy Rolls to operate effectively. For these and other lightweight reflectors we would recommend our Rope-Ratchet Hangers.

To fit the Easy Rolls simply hang them from appropriately spaced ceiling hooks or fittings. Attach the Easy Hook clip to the Easy Roll cord by tying a knot in the cord and sliding the clip part of the Easy Hook onto it. Then attach the Easy Hook on to one end of your reflector or light fixture by the hanging attachment and then do the same with the other end of the reflector using the other Easy Hook. Adjust the clutch tension on each Easy Roll so that when the reflector or light fixture is not being touched, it hangs without going up or down by itself. Perfect clutch-tension is achieved when a slight lift raises the height of your reflector and a slight push down lowers it but when it is not being touched it hangs securely at the height that it has been set at.


General information about the Sanlight Q Series Gen2

SANLIGHT Q-SERIES GENERATION 2 OVERVIEW Horticultural LED-lighting Technical Specifications 115 – 624 PPF* Broad spectrum, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit-forming plants Power consumption from 50 to 245 watts Power factor > 0.95 Beam angle 90° Rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the cultivated area 3-year guarantee Modules can be exchanged at certificated SANlight sales partners 90% light output after 100,000 hours Daisy-chainable Ready-to-dim Passively cooled in the emission wavelength range Typical Applications Illumination of plants indoors which require a lot of light in the vegetative phase Illumination of plants indoors which require a lot of light in the generative phase Cultivation of ornamental plants and crops Complete and environmentally friendly replacement of high pressure sodium lamps ECO setup Yield maximization compared to high pressure sodium lamps EXPERT setup HIGHLY EFFICIENT LED PLANT ILLUMINATION SYSTEM FOR INDOOR APPLICATIONS Flexible – Performance-Oriented – Future-Proof The 2nd generation of the Q-series was developed to live-up to our reputation as the technological market leader and to extend that lead. For you as a user, this means maximum flexibility with the best system efficiency and usability. The light module, which forms the basis of the Q-series, features the latest 2mm2 LED chip technology, which facilitates the generation of a broadband optimal light spectrum with an efficiency of 2.7μmol/J. The secondary optics, trimmed to minimise minimize loss, direct almost every photon (more than 95%) directly to your cultivation area. The optimised optimized heat sink not only ensures minimal temperatures on the LED chip (<70°C), but also ensures secure mechanical connection to the supply rail. We give you the options – you decide. The Q-series models are designed so that the right solution is available for any mounting situation. For classic cultivation areas we offer an ECO solution or an EXPERT setup. That means you choose between maximum energy savings and cost efficiency, or maximum yield. Options such as power boost or dimmer allow you to expand your system‘s range of performance or adapt it to new conditions. Every light in the Q-series is prepared for this, READY-TO-DIM and READY-TO-BOOST. Of course, the lights can be daisy-chained to each other. Several lights can be powered by a single power source. Each Q-series light can be kept state of the art cost effectively and while conserving resources simply by replacing the light modules. They are upgradable. In addition, we also offer the Q-series as a PQ-series. This means even better protection against environmental influences and other options. Broadband, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit-forming plants. For indoor usage For top lighting For vegetative and generative phase For all cultivation areas Efficacy 2.7 μmol/J Consumption 50 - 245 W PPF (400-760nm) 115 - 624 μmol/s Beam-angle 90° LM 90 90% of light output after 100.000 hours PMMA secondary optics – The best protection Contamination on the LEDs reduces the light output of your light more than the chip aging. The light output of lights whose LEDs are not protected by a cover noticeably declines after just a few months of use, and they cannot be cleaned, or only cleaned with great difficulty. The LEDs in the SANlight Q-series are protected from contamination by secondary optics. The material can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Light output is maintained. 90° light control - No photon is wasted Every LED available on the market is defined by its emission characteristics. If an LED chip is described as having e.g. a 120° beam angle, this means that 50% of the light output is emitted at this angle. The remaining 50% light output goes partially unused, or never reaches your plants. With the secondary optics developed by us, more than 95% of the LED chip photons are captured and directed to the plant. Maximum light output - 2mm2 LED chip technology By using this high-power technology in all SANlight Q-series models, the efficiency of the conversion of electrical energy into light is redefined. For example, one Q-series module achieves an efficiency of 2.7 μmol/J for a broadband white light spectrum. In addition, the LEDs used are significantly less sensitive to environmental influences, such as sulphur and moisture, than LEDs of mid-power techno- logy. Lifetimes > 100,000hrs are no problem for a SANlight. Passive coolingThe large-dimensioned aluminium heat sink keeps the LED chip temperature in the cool range even at high ambient temperatures. This improves the efficiency and reliability of the system, even in the case of heavy soiling and harsh environments. Expandable All Q-series models have an interface that allows the connection of different systems for dimming and controlling the light. In addition, a certificated SANlight partner can boost the light output from the light by 10% via this interface. TECHNICAL OVERVIEW Model Typ. power consumption Q3WL 120W Q4W 165W Q4WL 165W Q5W 205 W Q6W 245W Power factor >0.95 Input voltage range 90 – 305 VAC 90 – 305 VAC 90 – 305 VAC 90 – 305 VAC 90 – 305 VAC * in the emission wavelength range from 400 – 780 nm Power factor PPF* Weight 312 4.24 kg 416 4.61 kg 416 5.11 kg 520 5.5 kg 624 6.15 kg Protection class IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 Technical drawing Q3WL Technical drawing Q4WL Technical drawing Q6W Technical drawing Q4W Technical drawing Q5W Spectral Power Distribution Color space classification according to CIE1931 Prepared for the future. Ready to dim All Q-Series Gen2 models are ready-to- dimm. This means that you can equip the lights subsequently with a dimmer. This is simply plugged into the slot provided on the lamp. M-Dim The simplest dimmer variant is the M-Dim. You connect the dimmer module to your light and can then dim each individual light via a magnetic switch. In addition, you can activate a sunrise simulation. No communication via a network, simple to use, cost-effective and reliable. Bluetooth dimmer The Bluetooth dimmer is also simply plugged into the light. You connect to your illumination system through your smart device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.). All lights can be addressed together (cluster) or each light separately. Functions such as simple dimming, daytime-dependent dimming, etc. can be set via the app. Easy to use and inexpensive installation for large systems. Ready to boost. If you, as the owner of a model of the Q-Series Gen2, need more power, for example, because your growing conditions are changing (larger growing cabinet, etc.), a SANlight authorized dealer can boost the light. This means you get 10% more light output. Upgradeable The lamp can be kept state of the art with the possibility of an upgrade. Your official SANlight dealer can easily replace the light modules with the latest gene- ration of modules. This offers a cost-effective and not least resource-saving alternative to a new purchase. DAISY CHAINABLE Daisy-chaining enables you to grow from small spaces of 0.36m2 to 7m2 with one AC-plug. Extension cable Power cable 2m H Connector WE HAVE THE SOLUTION, YOU HAVE THE CHOICE For standardized cultivation areas we offer an ECO setup as well as an EXPERT setup. You decide what is most important to you. ECO setup In the design of these setups, we have taken care to achieve the same yield as with corresponding sodium vapor lamps while minimizing power consumption. An average 600W sodium vapour lamp emits about 840μmol/s. An area of e.g. 1.44m2 is thus exposed to 580μmol/m2/s. A SANlight Q4WL Gen2 emits 416μmol/s. If 2 units are used on the same surface (1.44 m2), this system achieves an illumination density of 580 μmol/m2/s. The same yields with better quality can be expected and you save about 50% on energy costs. In terms of handling, these systems are forgiving and easy, because the plants are not driven to their limits.ECO setup at a glance Minimum power consumption, with similar yield to a high pressure sodium lamp Low acquisition costs Forgiving EXPERT setup The focus here is clearly on maximising harvest. While with a 600W sodium vapour lamp 840μmol/s photons illuminate your plants, with 2 Q5W units, a photon flux of 1025μmol/s is generated. This means that the illumination density is 25% higher. Nevertheless, even with the Expert setup, you can calculate an energy saving of about 35%. With appropriate gardening skills, the yields will be better both qualitatively and quantitatively. The intense light drives the plants to their limits and re- quires proper handling by the gardener. We recommend using this system with dimming, and only applying the full performance of your system in the last few weeks. EXPERT setup at a glance Dimmer recommended Maximize your harvest in quality and quantity Higher acquisition costs Photosynthesis at the limit No dimmer needed Product Q1W Gen 2 Q3WL Gen 2 Q4W Gen 2 Q4WL Gen 2 Q5W Gen 2 Q6W Gen 2 60x60 cm = 0.36m2 80x80cm = 0.64m2 100x100 = 1m2 120x120 = 1.44m2 MADE IN AUSTRIA BLUDENZ IN THE HEART OF THE ALPS SANlight stands for quality, reliability and maximum efficiency. RESEARCH MEASURING TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTION CONSULTING We are an innovative Austrian company, with headquarters in Bludenz, where we develop and manufacture high-quality LED horticultural solutions for commercial greenhouses as well as at home and for hobby purposes. Our capability to rapidly develop new market innovations enables us to continually provide innovative technology to our customers. With our technical and theoretical background knowledge, and 7 years of experience we can assure you our products are the best. Manufacturing process in Austria guarantees you the best quality and highest support for your grow.

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