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Deep Water Culture System DWC Hydroponic PowerGrow 4 Bucket Kit - 6\" Basket Lids For Sale

Deep Water Culture System DWC Hydroponic PowerGrow 4 Bucket Kit - 6\

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Deep Water Culture System DWC Hydroponic PowerGrow 4 Bucket Kit - 6\" Basket Lids:

PowerGrow Deep Water Culture SystemPowerGrow ® Systems 6\" / 5 Gallon Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic 4 Bucket SystemExperience how easy it is to grow with a Deep Water Culture System!

PowerGrow Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System - 4 Site

Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to grow hydroponically? The PowerGrow ® Systems Deep Water Culture System is the answer! Super easy to use, the DWC system allows you to get up and growing in no time, with very little effort. The PowerGrow Deep Water Culture System includes everything you need for a complete system. In a Deep Water Culture system, the plant roots are immersed in an oxygen infused and nutrient rich water reservoir (a 5 gallon FDA approved bucket). The oxygen rich solution helps build healthy root systems faster and more efficiently than soil which results in superior plant growth and production.

The PowerGrow Deep Water Culture System includes the following:

  • (4) 5 Gallon FDA Approved Buckets
  • (4) 6\" Net Pot Bucket Lids
  • 4 Outlet Air Pump
  • 4 Sections of 6 feet Blue or Black Air Tubing
  • (4) Air Stones
  • Blue Water Level Indicator + Drain
  • Complete Instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • (Nutrients, growing medium, and pH test Kit not included)
With the PowerGrow brand, you also get the quality assurance of a 1 year Manufacturers USA warranty. So what are you waiting for? Get growing with a PowerGrow® DWC Deep Water Culture System today!

FDA Approved 5 Gallon Reservoir Buckets with Water Level Indicators and Drains Not all Deep Water Culture Systems are equal. Many are made from recycled reground plastic and can potentially leach toxins into your reservoirs water. All our PowerGrow DWC systems use FDA approved HDPE reservoirs to ensure that they are safe for food and plant contact. The PowerGrow Deep Water Culture Systems also include a blue visible water level indicator (blue prevents algae growth) that also acts as a bucket drain. 6\" Diameter Heavy Duty Net Pot LidIncluded is a heavy duty net pot lid that fits over any 5 gallon bucket. The net pot lid allows optimal space for root growth for large plants and holds planting media in place.4 Outlet Oxygen Air PumpIncluded is a durable 4 Outlet air pump which includes a 1 year warranty. The Air Pump provides the Deep Water Culture System with the oxygen it needs for a healthy root system.Blue Air TubingAlso included is 4 sections of 6 feet of blue or black air tubing. Blue tubing is more resistant to discoloration and provides plenty of air flow for your Deep Water Culture system.O2 Oxygen Air StoneCylinder Stones accelerate oxygen replenishment and increase water circulation in reservoirs, resulting in more oxygen that is readily available to your plants roots.Complete Instructions and 1 Year USA Manufacturer\'s WarrantyIncludes complete step-by-step instructions to make it easier than ever to clone your plants and cuttings. Also included is a 1 Year USA manufacturer\'s warranty for the pump.

Shipping Policy: Please see shipping information below for options.
Return Policy: Returns must be preauthorized and given an RMA#, no exceptions. Authorized returns must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Returns must contain all original pieces/parts/packaging and will be subject to inspection and a 15% restocking fee.

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