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Cultured Solutions hydroponic system/ Centurion Pro For Sale

Cultured Solutions hydroponic system/ Centurion Pro

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Cultured Solutions hydroponic system/ Centurion Pro:

cultured solutions hydroponic system. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class.

Contents include over 35k retail in materials. Product list:

(1)Honeywell t9 thermostat 200

Climate master tranquility 16 a/c 5ton (water pump included)

(4)8” In-line fans, filters, controllers 279e

(2) Hydrometers

(2)Cultured solutions 13 gallon 9 site hydro system 2400

(2) water chillers 684

Centurion pro debucker 4800

Centurion pro trimmer 7300

(18) iluminar hps lights and ballast 385e

(2) drying racks 3’ 65

(1) vacuum sealer 130

Vacuum bags

Net pots for hydro

(3)Govee WiFi temp and humidity sensors 46

(2)Govee Bluetooth temp and humidity sensors 16

(2)WiFi light controllers 12.78

Greenhouse hoops 27

Adjustable pulleys 18

Plant covers 21

(3) Humidifiers 350e

(3)Dehumidifiers 438e

(1)Led grow light small 31

(3) large led grow lights 65

(8)oscillating fans 90 per pair

(2)Sump pump 54.98

(2) recirculating pump

Submersible pump 43.79

Ballast lights

(2)Air pump

1 gallon pots

3 gallon pots

7 gallon pots

15 gallon pots

12” Trays

12” Risers

16” trays

16” risers

(2) bags of Coco

Blue lab combo meter 247

(3)Titan EOS 2 humidity controllers 100e

ULight controller 8x8 1000 WiFi

(2)Control boards 1000

Room standing A/c 300

Water tank 160 gallons

(3)Water hoses

(3) 18 gallon blue bins

(200)Bamboo sticks

Plant sprayer

4 guage wires

0 gauge wires

50 gallon trash can

(2) trimming scissors 30

(1) super cropper 20

(7+)15’ Extension cords

(20) Extension adapters

(2)Measuring cups

Ph up gallon

Ph down gallon

(2)Analog timers

6’ Folding table

Red twist tie 164’ new

(3) smoke detectors

(2) air wick air sprayers

Cultured solutions food:

UC Roots

Coco cal

Veg a

Veg b

Bloom a

Bloom b

Bud booster

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