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Coco Husk Chips additive to orchid Anthurium and citrus Growing Media 14oz 400g For Sale

Coco Husk Chips additive to orchid Anthurium and citrus Growing Media 14oz 400g

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Coco Husk Chips additive to orchid Anthurium and citrus Growing Media 14oz 400g:

Coconut Husk Natural Chips 100% Growing Fiber Anthurium, Orchids, Cactus, Succulent, Organic for best Growing Media 400g 14oz
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Features and Benefits
  • Aeration Fibrous coconut coir expands in such a way that it allows for great aeration for the roots of your plants.
  • Coconut husk products allow oxygen to flow freely around plant roots, which help maintain the health of your plants, ultimately allowing them to grow larger, faster
  • Most orchids grown as houseplants don't grow in regular potting soil, A light, absorbent medium like coconut husk chips help the orchid's roots stay healthy and aerated while keeping your orchid's roots from sitting in water.

Coconut / Coco Husk Chips great additive to orchid mixes and citrus trees
These chips are cleaned and tested for salt content. Coconut husk chips make a good potting material for orchids and other plants. They absorb water and stay moist for quite some time so need less watering than bark.
We use the chips as an addition to our orchid mixes, though some people use them alone. They break down more slowly in comparison to bark.
Small Coconut Husk Chips are a primary ingredient in our Seedling Blend orchid mix and our Phrag Blend. Coconut husk chips are a popular alternative to Fir Bark.
Coconut husk chips are easy to water and break down slower than bark, remaining open and airy longer. This is of particular importance to those growing in tropical conditions.
Coconut husk chips mix well with other ingredients to create a wide variety of orchid mixes. Small coconut husk chips are a fairly even 1 inch and 0.5 inches size and with fibrous crevices that orchid roots just love. It absorbs water well and holds it like a sponge releasing it as the roots drink.
Orchid mixes with coconut husk chips are easy to work with and make re-potting orchids a joy. Our coconut chips come to us per washed and pressed. We then take the chips and soak them, filter, wash and clean them as many times as is necessary to be sure the finished product is in the best possible condition for our use and for yours.

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