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BioAg Ful-Power Liquid Organic Humic Acid Amendment - Fulpower Increases Yield For Sale

BioAg Ful-Power Liquid Organic Humic Acid Amendment - Fulpower Increases Yield

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BioAg Ful-Power Liquid Organic Humic Acid Amendment - Fulpower Increases Yield :

BioAg Ful-Power Liquid Organic Humic Acid Amendment - Fulpower Increases Yield in Hydroponics, Soil, Soilless Media - Plant Nutrient (1 gal)
  • 🌿 BIOLOGICALLY DERIVED HUMIC ACID FOR SAFE GARDENING - Unique natural extraction method. Ful-Power has a low molecular weight with light yellow, fulvicus golden color. Approved for organic production by OMRI (US and Canada) and CDFA OIM.
  • 🌿 IMPROVED GROWTH AND HIGHER YIELDS - Ful-Power is made of highly bioavailable humic acid fractions. It accelerates uptake of nutrients and fertilizer. This results in vigorous roots and shoots growth of all plants.
  • 🌿 IDEAL FOR HYDROPONICS, SOIL, AND SOILLESS MEDIA – Highly effective in all types of growing mediums and methods, all season long, for hobbyists and commercial growers. It is clean, does not clog lines. It does not affect PH, PPM, EC of the media.
  • 🌿 QUALITY ASSURED BY TESTING EVERY BATCH - To ensure top performance, every production run of Ful-Power is tested with HPTA approved test method. Made in the USA.
  • 🌿 EASY TO USE FOR ALL PLANTS – Use on hemp, turf grasses, tomato plants, vegetables, fruit, berries, and more. Enhances seed germination and soil conditioning. Protects plants against sub-optimal nutrients, light and temperature stresses.

Why is Ful-Power important for my plants? Hydrophobic fulvic acid is a missing link in most growing systems, especially container and hydroponic gardening. Ful-Power is an ancient form of decayed organic matter that helps plants use nutrients and minerals more efficiently while also detoxifying the plant and soil. How will my plants benefit from using Ful-Power? Expect to see greater root formation, increased nutrient absorption and healthier vines, turf and plants. You will also notice better tasting produce and longer lasting, more aromatic flowers. Ful-Power minimizes stress from environmental pressures, whether that be environmental stress or disease. Will Ful-Power work with my favorite nutrient system? Ful-Power is compatible with all nutrients and helps with nutrient efficiency and uptake. Ful-Power is a true hydrophobic fulvic acid isolate. Our unique cold-microbial process (fermentation) creates a biostimulant that is free from extractant agents, unlike products that are chemically extracted. It is more concentrated and effective than crude water-leached products. The fermentation also results in additional phytostimulants and plant beneficial enzymes. Because Ful-Power improves uptake, consider reducing your nutrient applications by 10-25%. Is Ful-Power compatible with my system? Ful-Power works in harmony with all types of systems. Because it's purified by a biodigestion it will not stain, clog, gel, gum up, or clump. It can be used in soil, hydroponic, aqua-culture, large scale farm, irrigation, horticulture, sand beds, drip systems, precision jet systems, remediation, compost tea. Can I use Ful-Power when I foliar feed? Ful-Power is a must with all foliar applications as it helps the other components penetrate into the cells, amplifies their effects and improves efficiency.

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