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Advanced Plant Tissue Culture Cloning Kit For Sale

Advanced Plant Tissue Culture Cloning Kit

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Advanced Plant Tissue Culture Cloning Kit:

Welcome to the future of plant propagation

Already used by NASA at the international space station and will someday be the method used on Mars to grow plants.

Get started today in this amazing plant propagation technique today.

Included in the kit:

1 - Media kit to make 10 liters of medium.

includes: sucrose, agar, ms nutrients and vitamins, three plant growth hormones

24 - Initiation test tubes (Sterile)

24 - 16oz. plastic containers (Sterile)

24 - plastic lids (Sterile)

24 - biological vents to reduce condensation and provide air exchange to enhance your cultures.

5 - sterilized plastic plates

1 - sterile disposable scalpel

1 - sterilized 8” forceps

1 - Printed copy of Clone Like A Pro - Plant Tissue Culture Simplified

Use the test tubes to initiate the node, then transfer it to the 16oz container to multiply. After this transfer to rooting media. Once rooted you will acclimate them and move into your garden.

Steps are detailed in the included instructional guide.

This same media recipe has been used by professionals in the nursery industry to clone millions of plants. Using tissue culture technique is the ideal way to clone a plant, conserve the gene pool, and save endangered plant species from extinction. This has been common practice in large commercial nurseries and research facilities since the 1970’s.

Growing your favorite plants from tissue culture is not as difficult as you may think. If you follow specific steps anyone can do it. If you have a green thumb you will fall in love with tissue culture.

Questions are always welcome.

Buy Now


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