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Active Aqua Grow Flow 12 Plant Ebb-Flow Hydro System-5 Gallons Each W/ Reservoir For Sale

Active Aqua Grow Flow 12 Plant Ebb-Flow Hydro System-5 Gallons Each W/ Reservoir

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Active Aqua Grow Flow 12 Plant Ebb-Flow Hydro System-5 Gallons Each W/ Reservoir:

Active Aqua Grow Flow 12 Plant Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Grow System


Each Plant Site Is 5 Gallons and the system has a 55 Gallon Reservoir


Add a 6 Pot Expansion Kit For 18 Plants


Add TWO Expansion Kits For UP TO 24 PLANTS TOTAL

Active Aqua Grow Flow 12 Site - 5 gallon Complete Grow System

Active Aqua's Grow Flow is the most efficient ebb & flow system on the market. With the Grow Flow's easy-to-program controller unit, you can pretty much "set it and forget it." And since your pumps are only pumping a short time each day, the system is extremely reliable and efficient. Just set the fill and drain cycles, and the controller unit does the rest!

As for safety, the Grow Flow is the only unit available with fail-safe overflow protection. If the float valve stops operating, the LED indicator lights up on the control panel and the emergency shut-off valve automatically shuts down the system, preventing any spillage or damage to your growing area.

Have bigger plans? Our convenient Grow Flow Expansion Kits* allow up to 24 growing modules with a single 5-gallon system.

*Each kit includes12 growing modules

Efficient, Convenient, Customizable

Grow Flow is available as a 12-site Complete System, or you can add sites by purchasing the EXPANSION KITS.

• Adjustable float ladder and emergency shut-off valve
• LED emergency indicator light
• Each growing module consists of one outer bucket and one inner bucket - making it easy to lift and move plants
• ¾" tubing and fittings
• Water pumps operate on 120V
• Each controller unit can control up to 24 of our 5-gallon growing modules.

System Includes:

  • 7 gallon controller module
  • 55 gallon distribution reservoir
  • Two 250 GPH high-flow pumps
  • 12 5-gallon bucket modules (each holds 13L of clay pebbles- sold seperately)
  • All of the fittings & tubing to install the system
  • 3 year warranty
  • Instructions
Active Aqua Grow Flow 2.0 Expansion Kit with SIX - 5 gallon Plant Sites

This expansion kit can be added to the 12 site Grow Flow Ebb and Grow System. Maximize the performance of that system by adding six more buckets through this pack. These buckets work with all ebb andflow controllers, so you can augment whatever setup you've already got in place or are thinking of adding to your grow room.

With multiple kits, your growing knows little bounds! Expand your ebb & flow system up to 24 plant sites on one control unit.


6 - Outer buckets
6 - Inner buckets
6- 3/4" barbed tee connectors
3- 3/4" barbed elbow
6 - Screen fittings
12- Rubber washers
1 - 25' roll of 3/4" tubing


  • Centered drain fitting minimizes standing water
  • Unique aeration channels for improved root health
  • Each bucket holds approximately 13 L of clay pebbles or similar medium

Bucket dimensions

  • 12” tall
  • 8 ½“ bottomwidth
  • 10 ¾” top inside width (lip to lip)
  • 11 ¾” top outside width (lip to lip)

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