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AERO-POT, Aeroponic Portable Heated Propagator 8 Pots - BLACK, BIG MISTER For Sale

AERO-POT, Aeroponic Portable Heated Propagator 8 Pots - BLACK, BIG MISTER

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AERO-POT, Aeroponic Portable Heated Propagator 8 Pots - BLACK, BIG MISTER :

Aero-Pot Propagator

TheBlack, Portable Aeroponic Heated Propagator System with facility for8 Pots plusDomeLid.

Providingthe optimum temperature and humidity conditions for cuttings andseeds.

Please see the attached videos - linked here:



Replaceable 20mm Atomizing Disc

Very easy to assemble, to clean and to maintain.

User Friendly and Portable!

Aero-Pot kit includes everything you need to get your plants started!

Thisis the original Aero-Pot propagator system, which we originallydesigned and developed for our own use. It worked so well that westarted selling them. Since then we have worked hard, with some helpfrom you, to improve and add value to this product, with muchsuccess. Inferior copies of my design have been made but they couldnot match this product on value and reliability. Do not mistake itfor other imitators who have copied my listings!

How the Aero-PotPropagator works:

Seeds or cuttingsare placed in mesh pots and suspended in a misting chamber. Roots areconstantly misted and grow down into the Aero-Pot. Water-mist canfreely pass over the developing plant while continuously allowing airto circulate.

The mist makergenerates a fountain of extremely small droplets that average 4microns (producing a cloud of fine warm mist – approx 26c), whichcan be absorbed by roots and leaves on contact. This fine mist risesinto the dome lid, carrying humidity to the leaves above, hydratingyour plants so they can thrive whilst roots develop.

Plants grown in anAero-Pot have constant access to water and air. If the plant has ahealthy root mass, it will do its level best to use absolutelyeverything you give it. If left in long enough the plants will growlong water tapping roots into the water at the bottom of the Aero-Pot.

The Aero-Pot propagatorincludes both reusable clay pebbles and 8x grow pellets

please note the mist maker may produce some fountain like droplets as well as mist this will not effect the growth of the plants.

Thewater is warm and the mist becomes humidity which may condensateinside the dome lid if the Aero-Pot is situated in a coolenvironment. This may cause a small amount of condensation to drip, this has never been a problem for me.
  • Aero-Pot uses lowvoltage making it safe to use around water

  • Aero-Pot is portableso can easily be moved as required.

  • Aero-Pot is made of aplastic that meets food grade standards so is ideal for your organicgrowing

  • The removable dome lidkeeps humidity in which cuttings and young plants love

  • Plants can be removedwithout damaging their delicate root system for transplantingelsewhere.

  • Aero-Pot will fit insmall spaces

  • Aero-Pot uses lowpower consumption

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to clean andmaintain

    Thedome lid can be removed once the roots have been established. Plants can easily be moved with minimal damage to their delicateroots for transplanting – Try out our larger Aero-pot DWC Systemfor established plants!

Unrestricted access to Air and Water = Healthy, fast growing plants!


  • Aero-Pot – (8x hole)Aeroponic Portable Heated Propagator with metal carry handle

  • Big Mist Maker

  • UK Power SupplyAdapter (EU and US plugs available on request)

  • Clay Pebbles(reusable)

  • 8x Jiffy7 Pellets(refills are available in our shop)

  • 8x Mesh pots

  • Dome Lid

  • Set up information

Approx Dimensions
(not inc dome lid) 210mm (dia. top), 190mm (dia. bottom), 195mm (height). Dome lid is approx 200mm high

YourAero-pot will be dispatched in a plain cardboard box

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