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48\"x48\"x80\" Hydroponics Grow Tents Indoor Grow Box Horticulture 4x4 Growing Room For Sale


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48\"x48\"x80\" Hydroponics Grow Tents Indoor Grow Box Horticulture 4x4 Growing Room:

Ship to Continental United States only. (DONOTSHIP TO PR HI VI UT AK )

Do not ship to P.O box

48\"x48\"x80\" Hydroponics Grow Tents Indoor Grow Box Horticulture 4x4 Growing Room
The grow tent is a handy piece of equipment that can turn any kind of indoor space into a garden for year-round gardening.It is perfect for cultivating exotic fruits,herbs,vegetables or seasonal fruits in the room.Perhaps you have a question why use a grow tent?In winter, it is very cold outside,the grow tent supply plants suitable environment for seeding,growing,flowering and fruiting. And it can be moved easily from one place to another, you control the climate and lighting so you can grow any plant in any place safely and lbs
Color: Black outside, silver inside.
Tent Exterior: Made of Black durable, weather resistant heavy duty oxford cloth,Completely Light-Tight,Waterproof And Air-Tight Material.
Tent Interior: 98% Highly reflective water-proof mylar and Aluminum Foil made inner lining aims at maximum use of  light.
Non-Toxic To Environment,No Harm For Plant.
Frame Material: Strong Powder white coated steel frame for Robust And Rust Resistant.
Multiple vents (socks) with adjustable nylon straps for varied sizes of fan,filter,ducting.
Grow Tent Features:
-No odor
-100% light proof,energy saving
-100% water-resistant
-Tear-proof,over 98% reflective mylar
-Extra-thick canvas,double stitching
-Vulcanized rubber 3 Way Connectors Corners,stabilizing and more durable
-Double layers design at every outside of the corner,tear-proof and durable
-According to the research we have done,we cancel the useless window in front of the grow tent,even the tiny pinhole along the seam beside the window may also cause light leak. D-type door is also easy to oberservation.Excellent airtightness.
-D type door,open and observe easily
-Heavy duty zippers,no trouble of repairing zipper
-Removable floor tray for easy cleaning
-With plastic connector,in case puncturing the grow tent corner
-Easy and quick to assemble
-High-grade materials and fine workmanship, durable and reliable to useHow do you choose the right size tent for your plants?
Choosing the right size grow tent depends on three key factors:
1. How many plants you plant to grow
2. The type of weed strain & growing method you\'ll use (which determines how much space each plant takes up)
3. How much space you have to place your tent (consider both the footprint size and height, as well as proximity to electrical supply and windows or exterior ventilation)
What sort of lighting system is the best for grow tent?
When you want to plant in the grow tent,lighting system is important for plants which can supply full light spectrum for growing. If cooling the grow tent is not an issue,you can choose high intensity discharge lights, including metal halide and high pressure sodium, you need to match ballast fans, ventilation ducts filtersand and air cool reflector,it means that you need higher cost.With the development of technology,more and more growers choose led grow lights which is more safer and energy saving.
How many watts lights should you buy for different size grow tent?
After our many years of careful experimentation and testing,we found that you should provide around 40W-50W of lighting per square foot of garden space.If you choose larger wattage light,you need a strong air cool system to ensure safe in your room.
Package Includes:
1 x Grow Tent
1 x Inside Removable Floor Tray 
2 x Carbon Filter Belt
1 x Instruction Manual Listing and template services provided by inkFrog
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