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2000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Veg Plants Growing Lamp 225 LED Full Spectrum A For Sale

2000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Veg Plants Growing Lamp 225 LED Full Spectrum A

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2000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Veg Plants Growing Lamp 225 LED Full Spectrum A:

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LED Grow Light 225 LED UV IR Growing Lamp Indoor Plants Hydroponic Full Spectrum

  • Rapidly Improve Plants Growing. This LED grow light consists of 225pcs high quality led chip for plants--165 red (620-630nm) and 60 blue (460-470nm). It provides more useful and highly-uniform light needed by plants.
  • High-efficiency & Energy Conservation. Our grow lamp is equivalent to 3-5 times the power of HPS/MH. The 60º reflector cup reduces light loss, helps to collect and focus the spectral growing power which provides deep penetration within the light canopy, 90% of the light emitted can be absorbed by plants.
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation & NO noise. LEDs don't generate much heat, plus two heatsinks to achieve excellent heat dissipation which can prolong the service life of the grow light up to 50,000 hours. It design without noisy fan , you can’t hear any noise while it is working.
  • Multi-function & Wide Application. Reduce your cultivation costs and promote early maturity and increase production while improving fruit quality. Extend your grow season and achieve anti-season cultivation. Widely used for indoor gardening, flower shows, pot and container gardening, greenhouse lighting, sowing, breeding, farming, etc
  • Certified by FCC, CE, ROHS. It can be safely used for indoor plants, hydroponics, greenhouses, etc.

Set up does not require any tools, simply clip and hang. This grow light is LED light, not the traditional light bulbs that get hot. LEDs don't generate much heat. The 60º concentrated, high-quality silver reflective cups collect and focus the spectral light, reducing light loss, this design allows 90% of the light emitted to be directly absorbed by your plants. The unit has uses a highly efficient power supply, effectively lowering power consumption and retains a long service life. Widely used for all kinds of plants (vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs). It is great for succulents, dendrobium, orchids, roses, peppers, strawberries, basil, lettuce, herbs, tobacco, eggplants, tomatoes, grapes, carnivorous plants, etc.Suitable for indoor gardens, greenhouses, plant factory, greenhouse farming, potted plants.


1. Unit is not waterproof, please keep away from water.

2. Turn off the power, when not in use.

3. Avoid looking directly at the lights.

4. Water your plants and adjust the distance between plants and light according to the growth of plants.
5. Recommended height:

  • Seedling: 2-6 inches
  • Medium plants: 6-12 inches
  • Large plants: 12+- inches

Recommended lighting time:
  • Seeding Stage: 12-14 hours
  • Vegetative Stage: 14-16 hours
  • Flower and Fruit Stage: 14-18 hours

  • Power Supply: AC85-264V
  • Electricity: 300MA
  • Operating Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Service Time: about 50000h
  • LED Qty: 225PCS (165 red and 60 blue)
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.2*12.2*1.22 inch
  • Operating Environment: -20~40°C, 45%~95%RH

  • Wattage: 8000W=45W

  • 1 x LED Grow Light
  • 1 x Hangers kit
  • 1 x Power plug
  • 1 x User manual

  • 1 x Rope Hanger (Gift)

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