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200 Plugs 1" Rockwool Cubes for Hydroponics with 50 Pack 1.5 Inch Net Pots For Sale

200 Plugs 1
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200 Plugs 1" Rockwool Cubes for Hydroponics with 50 Pack 1.5 Inch Net Pots:

  • Premium Material】Our rockwool grow cubes are very effective hydroponics substrates, made of high-quality basalt and chalk, being melted at high temperature then centrifuged at high speed to spraye into 0.005mm fibers and pressed into blocks.
  • 【Benefits of Soilless Cultivation】Rockwool cubes are superior to other typical hydroponic supplies, with up to 96% porosity and 91% water. Even distribution of nutrients, does not absorb nutrients from the crop, encouraging rapid root growth and higher yield so that suitable for mechanized seedling.
  • 【Easy to Transplant】Rockwool cubes can be cultivated either whole or individually. Since the rock wool is transversely textured, we recommend wearing gloves and cutting with scissors instead of tearing by hand. Rockwool grow cubes keep the seeds long enough to establish a root system because of their high water absorption, so that the survival rate of transplanting is high.
  • 【Wide Application】These rockwool starter plugs have pure composition and handy planting hole, widely used in hydroponic, seed starting, rooting, plant propagation, cloning systems and so on. Low environmental impact, easy to handle compared to other substrates, great for planting enthusiasts and commercial growers.
  • 【Package Included】4 sheets of 200 cubes, 50 cubes in total. Simply soak the rockwool cube briefly(10 sec) in acidic nutrient solution and adjust its pH value around to 5.5. Don't squeeze it!

  • Tips to Rockwool Plugs

    1.Powder will be produced if tear by hand, it is recommended to use scissors for cutting with wearing gloves and masks.

    2. You can steam cubes, or pouring boiling hot water through if you are going to reuse them for a successive growing season, or even numerous seasons.

    3. Rockwool is not composed of natural materials so it will not break down over time. Instead of throwing them away, break up the pieces and work them into your garden or potting soil to help increase their water retention.

    Perfect Growing Medium in Hydroponic Growing SystemsGood Water Absorption & Strong Air Permeability

    Material:basalt and chalk


    49 cubes x 2, 98 cubes in total

    50 cubes x 4, 200 cubes in total

    50 cubes x 1, 50 cubes in total

    Wide Application:

    • Hydroponics, seed starting, rooting, sprouting, plant propagation, cloning systems and so on.
    • Use to starting seeds and rooting propagation cuttings: lettuce, watercress, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, basil, mint, and more.

    Benefits of Our Rockwool Cubes

    • Agricultural rock wool is made of about 60% basalt, 20% coke, 20% limestone plus a small amount of iron dross after high-temperature melting, drawing, and finally weaving, compression into a specific density before cutting. In the weaving process added a surface hydrophilic effect of binder, can keep the rock wool immersed in water for a long time without deformation, and has a good hydrophilic.
    • Agricultural rock wool adopts the pendulum processing method, the fibers are tight, wavy and interwoven together, the fibers are horizontally distributed, nutrition is evenly distributed, which is conducive to the extension and growth of the root system to ensure the uniform growth of crops.
    • The chemical nature of rock wool is generally alkaline, and agricultural rock wool can adjust the pH value after soaking in acidic nutrient solution.
    • Agricultural rock wool is cut into different sizes when it leaves the factory, and the seedling plug is used for the seedling period, with an eye in the middle, which can be sown directly.
    • It is suitable for mechanized seedlings to create bulk results.

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