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14oz kit Jacks 321 Hydroponic Nutrient fertilizer Coco DWC MKP Bloom Booster For Sale

14oz kit Jacks 321 Hydroponic Nutrient fertilizer Coco DWC MKP Bloom Booster

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14oz kit Jacks 321 Hydroponic Nutrient fertilizer Coco DWC MKP Bloom Booster :

Everything was carefully repackaged for your convenience. Jack's 321 Hydroponic 14oz Nutrient fertilizer kit + MKP Bloom Boost. *Makes approximately 46 gallons of full strength nutrient solution and 56 gallons of "321"*

Jack's Nutrients is comprised of the FeED and BOOST products to offer you an efficient powdered solution that delivers the exact nutrient balance according to the crops requirements from start to finish. A specific balance of macro, secondary and micronutrients delivers an efficient combination of nutrients suitable for many different growing environments and crop types.

Features and Benefits:

-Best valuepremium quality kit ingredients, proven performance, yields on par with top-of-the-line liquid "nutes" that cost 20 times as much per dose

-Easy to usesimple intuitive mixing and designed to beusedfrom seedling all the way through flowering/fruiting

-Microprilled Jacks 15.5-0-0allows fast dissolution and accurate volumetric measuring with a spoon (no electronic scale needed)

-Convenientleg work saving kit features premium quality ingredients from JR Peters and PowerGrow

-Provenover decades as the "gold standard" for high performance repeatable reliable hydroponic production at any scale

-Concentratedand compact with fractions of a teaspoon per gallon dosing means a little goes a long long way

-Completenutrition (including all essential macro and micro-nutrients) with pH buffering

-Versatilecan also be used as a "normal" fertilizer for plants growing in soil

-Well documentedperformancein industrial agriculture literature as well as on YouTube and other social media/blog platforms

*Jack’s 321 is a tried and true two-part fertilizer program. It consists of Jack’s Nutrients Part A 5-12-26, Jack’s Nutrients Part B 15-0-0 and Epsom Salts. BUT where does that “321” come from, you ask? It’s the shortened amount of each fertilizer in grams per gallon. ​ To mix up the perfect blend of Jack’s 321 you will need ​ 3.6 grams Part A 2.4 grams Part B 1.2 grams of Epsom salts . This will give you a blend of nutrients for growing almost any controlled environment crop, in any growing system. The order of additions is VERY important. You must add the 5-12-26 first and make sure it is completely dissolved, then add in the Epsom salts making sure it is completely dissolved, then finally the calcium nitrate. In addition to these three nutrients, 2oz. of Haifa MKP (monopotassium sulphate) have been included to give you an amazing Bloom Boost nutrient for your fruiting and flowering plants as well as a FREE recipe for different strengths and necessary mixing orders.

Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.

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