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1000W Led Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum +2' x 2' Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Kit For Sale

1000W Led Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum +2' x 2' Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Kit

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1000W Led Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum +2' x 2' Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Kit:

1000W Led Grow Light Kit Full Spectrum +2' x 2' Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Grow Room Kit

Attention:We will send grow light & grow tent separated,you may not receive them at same time,please understand.

If you need other size grow light,please click below link:

1000 Watt LED Grow Watt LED Grow Watt LED Grow Watt LED Grow Features:
●80% electric energy saving than the traditional HPSL.
●Full band 380-800nm wavelength,ideal for all stage of growth
●Upgraded SMD technology design, high PAR,high PPFD,less heat dissipation,no led burnt out,long lifespan ensured
●High photosynthetic efficiency,90%light can be absorbed by aquatic plants, while8%~10%for high voltage sodium lamp and metal halide lamp.
●LED lights will penetrate through the plant canopy to the lower leaves & Buds compared with HPSL or MHL.
●Daisy chain connection makes it more convenient.
●CE, RoHs, FCC certificated.

●ETL certificated power plug
●High speed cooling mute fans and heat dissipation hole on the substrate ensure the light long lifespan.
●Built-inisolatedpower supply, more safe and no other equipment is needed, directly connect your plug toAC100V ~ 240Vvoltage, don't need mirror and ballast.Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with water solution culture and soil culture.

●One Year Warranty

The full spectrum grow lighthas been tested by indoor growers for many years.Experiment shows that this light will takes a big increase in yield. Each led chips is full spectrum which can provides plants necessary growing light.This design makes plants receiving light uniformly.

LED Grow Light Specifications:
-Dimensions: 12.36x8.54x2.4 inches
-Item Weight:4.9 lbs
-Use for all stages of plant growth


-Full band(380nm-800nm),full Spectrum
-Perfect for 2.5x2.5ft vegetative coverage at 24" Height
-Perfect for 1.2x1.2ft flowering coverage at 18" Height
-Input Voltage: AC100-240V

-Wave length:380nm-800nm
-Frequency: 50-60Hz
-Lifespan: >50,000hours
-Warranty:one yearwarranty+30 days return guarantee
Light Color:Purple
Led Type:Newest SMD tech,more durable.
Noise Level: 30 db,very quiet
Working environment : -20~40 degree;45%~95%RH

About the lighting time and height:
Seeding Stage:16-18 hours on,36-40inch
Growth Stage:12-16 hours on,18-24inch
Flowering&Fruiting Stage:12 hours on,12-18inch
The lighting time and height can be adjusted according to site environment and specific plant plants
Tips for increasing lifespan: please let the light have a rest for about 20 mins after 7-8 hours working.

Grow Tent Features:


-No odor

-100% light proof,energy saving

-100% water-resistant

-Tear-proof,over 100% reflective mylar

-Extra-thick canvas,double stitching

-Vulcanized rubber3 Way Connectors Corners,stabilizing and more durable

-Double layers design at every outside of the corner,tear-proof and durable

-According to the research we have done,we cancel the useless window in front of the grow tent,even the tiny pinhole along theseam beside thewindow may also cause light leak. D-type door is also easy to oberservation.Excellent airtightness.

-D type door,open and observe easily

-Heavy duty zippers,no trouble of repairing zipper

-Removable floor tray for easy cleaning

-With plastic connector,in case puncturing the grow tent corner

-Easy and quick to assemble

-High-grade materials and fine workmanship, durable and reliable to use

-Warranty:Two years

About product quality control:
We will plugged the light into the socket one by one to check whether the light would normal working before shipped out.
Great for all kind of plants,all stage of plant growth,and works well with water and soil cultivating.
Attention please:
- Do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is working,it may cause damage to your eye.
- It is not waterproof,please use indoor only.
- No need extra ballast.
-Keep the unit away from hot heat sources or gases.
-The working environment: -20~40℃,45%RH~90%RH.
-Please cut off the power when there is a lightning strike in order to protect the light
-Please allow 0-2cm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
-Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

The research data shows that there is minimum 50 watts of light per square foot of grow space at the stage of flowering.
Calculate the square footage ( length x width ) of your grow space, then multiply this number by 50w to get the power of grow lights that you should buy.

For example: You have a 2ft long and 2.5ft wide grow tent.You should buy at least 2.5x2x50=250W led grow light.
How Far Should LED Grow Lights be from Plants?
Our grow lights usually comes with the recommend guideline,but it doesn’t means that you need not to close observation the plants after you fixed the light on the recommend height.you should start with the guidelines suggested by your grow light manufacturer, usually 18” to 24” away from the plant.Then, keep a close eye on your plants for signs that the light is too close or too far away.If the leafs of plants become bleaching or yellowing ,especially on the top leaves nearest the light,if they become curling or drying on the tips ,it shows that the plant is too close to your light.You need to adjust the height of your lights to improve this issue.Conversely, if you notice that the stem of your plant is stretching and looks like it can’t support itself, it shows that you hang your lights too high from plants.Please adjust the lights height more closer to the plants and you should see the upward growth slow down.It is important to keep the soil moist and keep close eye to the plants growing situation.
What Can You Grow With Our Grow Light?Great For All Stages?
The full band, full spectrum led grow light is great for all kinds of plants.And it is ideal for all stage of growing.
Package Includes:
1 x LED Grow Light

1 x Grow Tent
1 x Power Cord
1 x Rope Hanger
1 x Instruction Manual

Buy Now


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