Edwin Everette's Projects


3ltr ebbflow tomatoes.jpg (24346 bytes)

The 3ltr unit of six bottles has tomatoes in one pic and passion flower (pasiflora) in another.  

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broc1.jpg (18510 bytes)

The Broc pic is also of this unit growing some nice broccoli.

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cherrytom7.jpg (29363 bytes) The cherry tomatoes grew all season--tons of cherry tomatoes came out of those 2 ltr bottles--until they started to stop it up, as expected. Actually, the season was essentially over before that happened and the plants were withering in our South Texas heat. Had many feasts off of those plants.

classroom aqua2.jpg (19486 bytes)

The indoor shots are an attempt of mine to grow aquaponically, with goldfish, in my classroom. I teach English, by the way, not science. The fish didn't quite create enough waste to support the plants, so growth was slow. Still, got some good cucumbers off of some of the plants. Fish died. Went back to hydro. classroomaquaponics1.jpg (16441 bytes)
classroom aqua3.jpg (16525 bytes)  Those units are now full of ivy and doing very well with nutrient that I make from 20-20-20 found at a local farmers supply, epsom salt, and calcium nitrate (the nutrient I use on all my hydro plants).
currentgardens1.jpg (29713 bytes)  
mustdgreens1.jpg (20211 bytes) The 6 ft. long, seven-pipe NFT I have used on a number of crops. The pics labeled "mustdgreens" are just that. Beautiful and delicious, sauteed in bacon grease, with lots of key lime sprinkled over them after being drained. MMMMMmmmmmmm. mustgreens3.jpg (16689 bytes)
nfttomatoescloseup.jpg (24561 bytes)  
pasifloracloner1.jpg (22389 bytes) There is also a picture of a bubbler seated on this unit that is great for rooting clones. I have gotten hundreds off plants off of one plant (that is still alive). The stuff comes up under my lawn constantly. I pluck, put in rooting gel, and put in bubbler with a bit of nutrient. Weeks later I have plants.
passionfruit1.jpg (32204 bytes)  
tomatoesnft1.jpg (26284 bytes)  The three rows of tomato plants in NFT are in 4" pipes with about 18" spacing, 10 ft. long each. This is my newest endeavor, being fed up with tomatoes stopping up my ebb and flows. There are four different varieties of tomato plants and most are blooming now (mid April). They are growing rapidly.
watermelon1.jpg (21335 bytes) The pic labeled watermelons really are! Don't quite know how I'm going to orchestrate that one . . . Much of the vines I expect to dip down below the hydro and grow along the ground as runners. Also plan to take a 5x5 piece of chainlink gate and (parallel with the unit, just above it about 8 inches or so) have much of the fruit on top of it, supported by 2x4s and that wooden gate. Started out buying cucumbers, but the store was out of seedlings and it's late for my region to plant seeds. I'll send pics when things really get going. The bigger plants in that pic near the intakes are cucumbers--4 of them.


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