Used for the hydroponic production of many crops, the CO2 concentration within your growing room or greenhouse directly influences the amount of photosynthesis that occurs. Commercial tomato and lettuce growers have actually seen crops increases 20 to 30 percent with CO2 enrichment. The normal carbon dioxide levels found outside average around 300 ppm. In an enclosed environment similar to a greenhouse these levels can quickly be depleted, creating an environment that decreases growth due to carbon dioxide depreciation. Increasing carbon dioxide levels with pure CO2 to levels between 600 to 1400 hundred ppm and can dramatically increased growth and photosynthesis with the ideal level for most crops being between 1000 to 1400 ppm. water and nutrients take it may also increase when carbon the oxide is used. Carbon dioxide is generally introduced by one of three ways:

1. Burning a hydrocarbon such as propane or kerosene.

2. Placing containers of dry ice in the greenhouse or growroom.

3. Using pure carbon dioxide from a pressurized container.



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