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Super Grow Tent - 52 Plant Hydro Growing Garden System Hydroponics Gardening Box For Sale

Super Grow Tent - 52 Plant Hydro Growing Garden System Hydroponics Gardening Box

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Super Grow Tent - 52 Plant Hydro Growing Garden System Hydroponics Gardening Box:

Super Grow Tent - 52 Plant Hydroponics System

If you’re looking for a hydroponic grow system that will accommodate a lot of plants while offering simple, easy design, check out this modern Super Grow Tent 52 plant system. The 52 plant Super Grow Tent is the biggest version of this specific grow tent product that can accommodate over 100 plants for huge yields on every cycle. This fully automated system is easy to set up and relatively affordable for those who are pursuing indoor gardening projects on a budget. This kit also includes two months of nutrients for effective plant feeding.

Various types of plant holders fit neatly in the bottom of the grow tent space.

The super grow tent ships via stealth shipping for $495. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the super grow tent to arrive at your location. We will also email tracking numbers and contact you before delivery.

Dimensions: 79"H x 108"W x 108"D

This Super Grow Tent comes with:

  • High quality, rugged exterior materials for a sturdy grow tent

  • Your choice of either the 52 site superflow or the 24 site super bubble flow buckets hydroponics system

  • (4) 600w HPS air cooled dimmable grow lights for good light distribution & Blazer 6" AC reflector

  • Lumatek digital, dimmable ballasts

  • Timers for complete automation

  • Activated carbon scrubber & filter for scent free growing

  • Unique yo-yo setup for lights helps to adjust lighting

  • Digital ballast complements these high-tech grow bulbs

  • Includes digital temperature and hydrometer readings

  • Good air handling with internal circulation fan (6”) with adjustable design

  • Net trellis helps to support plants through different growth stages

  • GFCI adapter for safe wiring for indoor gardening system

  • pH testing kit

  • TDS meter

  • Nutrients

  • Provided instructional DVD gives all necessary information and tips for gardening

  • Full three-year warranty on all components

Own your very own plug and play hydroponics grow tent today!

If you need any optional upgrades on this grow tent, please let us know to add them to . You can find optional upgrades here by clicking the link above.

Call to order: 888-HYDRO-81 or simply order online!

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