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STOP SELL Boogie Brew Deluxe Kit / 3lbs Boogie TEA, FILTER, 45L Air Pump For Sale

STOP SELL  Boogie Brew Deluxe Kit / 3lbs Boogie TEA, FILTER, 45L Air Pump

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STOP SELL Boogie Brew Deluxe Kit / 3lbs Boogie TEA, FILTER, 45L Air Pump:

Boogie Brew Deluxe Kit / 3lbs Boogie TEA, FILTER, 45L Air Pump, Stone & Tubing


BAY HYDRO brings you BOOGIE BREW PRO DELUXE TEA KIT !!!! Super SALE @ $119.95 includes Shipping / USA Only !!!

All you need to start Brewing your ownPRO TEA yourself...Just likewhat the PRO'S@ BOOGIE BREW use!!!


3 Pounds of Boogie Brew Pro 2 Part Tea
Boogie Blue Classis Water Filter
45L Commercial Air Pump (Active Aqua)
Large Cylinder Air Stone & Tubing

We can customize a kit with all the BOOGIE BREW products you want, like:

LargerBags of Boogie Brew PRO if needed.

This is the NEW BOOGIE BREW PRO !!!

It consist of 2 separate bags of ingredients BOOGIE BASE & BOOGIE BOOSTthat you will mix together in you burlap tea bag to makeyourNew and IMPROVED compost tea the strongest and most affordable tra on the market :-)... By providing the tea mixturesin 2 separate bags will give the product a much longer shelf life which everyone will appreciate :-) up to a year and longer if stored correctly :-)

What you receive when you choose one of the 2 sizes currently offered, there are more to come and 8LB bulk will be available soon also :-)

3LB Order <----- Makes 50 Gallon of full strength Tea
1.5LB Boogie BASE
1.5LB Boogie BOOST
Burlap Tea Brew Bag
Eco-packed from 40% recycled paper with air-permeable moisture membrane.

6LB Order <------ Makes 100 Gallon of full strength Tea
3LB Boogie BASE
3LB Boogie BOOST
Burlap Tea BrewBag
Eco-packed from 40% recycled paper with air-permeable moisture membrane.

3-lbs, (replaces our former 2-lb bag); this brews over 50 gallons of world-class, full-strength tea.
6-lbs; creates approximately 100 gallons.
16-lbs; creates approximately275 gallons.

Boogie Brew Pro:All new 2-Part Formula

– Brew Your Own ‘Veeganic’ tea mix – All-in-one world-class fertilizer AND super soil tonic – Intelligent pricing; extremely cost-effective – The absolute BEST VALUE in Compost Teas – Boogie Brew is unparalleled!

Gardeners are constantly amazed at Boogie’s effectiveness. Producing enormous levels of biological activity, Boogie Brew creates phenomenal growth rates whilesaving the farmer onfertilizer costs & water usage. Nutrients are broken down faster and made more bio-available. Salts & heavy metals found in soil & water supplies become far less hazardous to plants when the enzymes produced by Boogie’s biological army of organisms work to soften their impact and reduce toxicity. Prepare to witness explosive growth, shiny leaf structure, strong root development and awesome flower quality. Used regularly, Boogie Brew helps plants to achieve their fullestflavor & aroma potential.

Why is Boogie Brew so Effective? Boogie’s secret lies in our proprietary blend of composted ‘Veeganic’ ingredients. This exceptional recipe blends high-quality, cutting-edge fertilizers & concentrated soil conditioners to produce a superior ‘living tea’. When ‘brewed’ with oxygen from a strong air pump, this infusion acts as a catalyzing agent, bridging the gap between soil, nutrient and plant. Boogie Brew functions like the pro-biotics of horticulture: The Soil-Food-Web’s own primal defense system.

After years of development, we have officially retired our original ‘1-Part’ Boogie Brew Tea product. Beginning in 2015, we are proud to introduce an all-new 2-part recipe, namely, ‘Boogie Brew Pro’. An exciting development in teas, BB-Pro consists of two separate ingredient mixes:

Part A) “Boogie Base©” – a blend of wood-chip humus, worm castings, bio-char & minerals. Give your garden the best platform for soil-success!Boogie Base© is a superb blend of quality amendments, developed by Boogie Brew to cover all the bases in building a super-colony for your plants’ rhizosphere, (root zone). In this critical subterranean space, the all-inclusive mix of inputs employed in Boogie Base© work tremendously to maximize complex relationships between the plant, microorganisms and soil. A growing-media’s chemistry, including pH and nitrogen-availability, can be influenced in a profoundly positive manner by the beneficial conditions rendered from Boogie-Base’s unique combination of carbon digesters and bio-stimulants. Basically, if you really want to set the stage for your plants to dance, then provide them with an ultimate baseline of valuable ingredients contained in Boogie Base©!

Part B) “Boogie Boost©” – contains a mix of potent ‘Veeganic©’, (natural vegan) additives which are guaranteed to significantly boost all teas – allowing growers everywhere to achieve new levels of gardening excellence! Blast your tea to new levels of excellence!Boogie Boost© is a fantastic blend of Veeganic© additives, guaranteed to boost any tea recipe to higher levels of activity and effectiveness! Nutrients already contained within your soil, absorbed by the roots of plants as cations and anions, become super-nutes when activated in Boogie Boost’s deluxe blend of high-grade elixirs. Boogie Boost© is uniquely formulated to enhance dynamic biological actions within the processes of tea-brewing and soil-building, allowing for the efficient recycling & release of nutrients in a functional & healthy soil-matrix system. Contained within this uber-blend are meaningful quantities of deluxe and ultra-high grade ingredients – we spared no expense in formulating our ultimate tea booster!
Change your outlook on plant fertilization: Rather than depending on soluble nutrients, (and their traditional methods of delivery), from manufactured and liquid fertilizers, use Boogie Boost© to enhance your soil’s own unique bio-mechanisms and make nutrients instantly accessible for your plants’ roots available use!

Boogie Brew Pro is still super simple and easy to use: As with original Boogie Brew, one cup of total ingredients are added to 5 gallons of chlorine-free water. However, with BB-Pro, half a cup each, (equal amounts), of both Parts A and B are combined and added together for each 5 gallons of Brew. By separating the ingredients into two individually-packaged components we have been able to maintain product freshness, leading to more stable storage conditions, (BB-Pro has a greatly extended shelf-life). Furthermore, this 2-part approach gave us the opportunity of using even stronger doses of Veeganic© additives, allowing for higher-than-ever potency levels of brewed-product, (finished tea). Now a better value and quality than ever before, Boogie Brew Pro is unequivocally the ultimate choice for Pro-Brewers!

Boogie Brew Pro is available in three sizes:3-lbs, (replaces our former 2-lb bag); this brews over 50 gallons of world-class, full-strength tea.
6-lbs; creates approximately 150 gallons.
16-lbs; creates approximately 350 gallons.

ATTENTION International Customers !!! Shipping can takefrom2 weeks to 2 months we have seen and it is completelyout of our control, there is nothing we can do about it. If you need the items for sure quickly you must purchase Priority mail or EXPRRESS MAIL SHIPPING. Contact us with ANY QUESTIONS !!!

We are an authorized dealer ofALL HydroFarm, Sunlight Supply, DL Wholesale, GeoPot, Solis Tek, Boogie Brew, SPEEDEE TRIM, UHS, and many others distributors. Please contactus forANY products you need, we will do our best to meet all your gardening needs ;-) Just drop us a line and we will get back to you ASAP !!!

Free shipping within the Continental USAON MOST ITEMS, We are open to shipping Worldwide, Contact us for quote.
Check our STOREfor more great deals !!!


  • By default unless specified above, your packages will be shipped via ground/ economyservice available which ever is less expensive. We are always willing to work with customers who need faster shipping options andcustomers who arewillingto help cover the cost for faster service. Just let us other "USPS ONLY" shipping delivery locations cost more to ship to depending on the item being purchased and destination. Contact us for a shipping quote if needed, We are an honest seller !!
  • Handing time is 12-24 hours unless otherwise specified (We are SUPER QUICK)
  • Returns are offered within 14 days and may be charged up to 10% restocking (Sellers Discretion) "We have NEVER charged a restocking fee yet"
  • If the item is found to be defective or damaged when received contact us Immediately and returnedwithin 3 days of delivery.
  • Requests for exchange or return must be made within3 days of receiving theitem also, and must be returned within 14 days. Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost.
  • Refunds will not be given for items that have been used or opened. We need ALL Packaging returned as well.
  • Refunds will beLess the actual shipping cost to initially ship the product to you. EVEN if listing states "FREE SHIPPING" as it is notactually free to ship, it is included in price. Contact us with any question.
  • Buyer is responsible for ALL return shipping expenses. Including any future warranty shipping cost needed.
  • We do ship worldwide everyday, but some places even in USA may cost more, please contact us if you are in, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico,& PO BOXES if you would like a shipping quoteplease contact us withyour shipping address and the products wanted.
  • We CANNOT Accept returns on Nutrients or Additives as we cannot guarantee product quality for next customer, Contact us with any questions !! This is to protect everyone.
    Best thing for customers to do before they purchase any kind harvesting gear is to read reviews and watch videos before purchasing any trimming/harvesting/extraction products to make sure it is what you want etc.. We doNOT accept returns of used items, however if the item is not used, brand new in original packaging we will be happy to accept it back (subject to a 10% restocking fee). The customer will also have to pay for the shipping back to us. If it comes back USEDorSMELLSwe will discard the item and no credit or replacement will be given. Ihope you can understand this policy as we cannot sellused products to the next customer nor can we have used products of that nature in our shop etc.
  • We arehonest when it comes to shipping charges with all of our customers, please contact us for an honest quote on actual shipping cost and most of the time we pitch in a few bucks to help cover cost,TRUST us we have lots of happy customers over the years and continue to provide fast quality service !!! Most items ship same day !!!

      Contact Info;
      • For any questions or concerns about our products or policies, please contact us prior to purchasing.
      • We are availableMonday-Saturday 10am-7pmand we are CLOSED on Sunday. Please leave a voicemessage or email us.
      • Phone# 707-775-2514
      • Messages are answered as quickly as possible, generally within 12-24 hours

    Add us to your favorites list & check back soon!!!
    Please check out my other items for sale, for more great deals!!!

    All of our listings are "PRIVATE LISTINGS" for "COMPLETE PRIVACY"


    Shipped in "DISCRETE" Packaging for "COMPLETE" Customer Privacy

    With a discrete return address ;-)

    Thanks For Shopping With US !!

    On Dec-15-16 at 15:05:22 PST, seller added the following information:

    Buy Now


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