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OnutPlanet Coco Coir Pith 100% Natural Potting Mix Brick - 1 Pallet - 200Units For Sale

OnutPlanet Coco Coir Pith 100% Natural Potting Mix Brick - 1 Pallet - 200Units

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OnutPlanet Coco Coir Pith 100% Natural Potting Mix Brick - 1 Pallet - 200Units:

OnutPlanet Coco Coir Pith Potting Mix is a multipurpose growing substance used as a No-SOIL medium to grow indoor and outdoor plants. Coir pith is widely used in horticulture, hydroponics due to its unique organic nature and ability to retain water. Pith comes from dust particles between the Coir Fibre, we deliver them as blocks or bricks of size 12inch x 12inch x 6inch +/-1cm. They last longer than soil, they are sterile and free from weed seeds. Our Difference:
Next time when you buy the Pith from the local store or online, check the following:1. Add lot of water and let is expand and settle, check stones and sand settling to the bottom, find if it has over 3% of the entire volume
2. Check the fiber post expansion, find if it is over 3% of the entire volume
3. Check if the contents will go through 6mm sieve mesh
4. Perform Electrical Conductivity Test, find if the EC is over 0.5ms/cm
5. Check pH level, find if its not neutral (5.8-6.8)If any of the tests comes out True, you most likely bought a Grade-B or Grade-C (discarded) product which does not yield well for your produce. Many of the sellers in United Sates are mixing Grade-B which contains large chunks with the brick to reduce their overheads. Since we control the supply chain from the coconut farm till the production of Pith we guarantee our superior quality. We stand behind our Quality and Brand, we assure quality along every step in our manufacturing to ensure our customers get a superior product.
Our Specification:
  • Block Size - 30cm x 30cm x 12 cm +/-1cm (Custom order other sizes)
  • Weight - 5kg (11 lbs)
  • EC Level - Below 0.5ms/cm
  • pH Level - 5.8 - 6.8
  • Mesh - 6mm Sieve
  • Compression Ratio - 5:1
  • Expansion Volume - 16 - 18 litre/kg
  • Moisture Level - Less than 12-15%
  • Impurities - Less than 3%
  • Fiber - Less than 4%
  • Pith Comparison - Each pith makes over 2.3 Cubic Feet of expanded potting mix

The product is unwrapped and comes in a pallet show in the picture. If you would want individually packed items, please select WRAP item.If you order 21 Pallets, it can be shipped as 1 Full Truck Load, reducing the shipping and freight forwarding charges, greatly allowing us to help you save huge costs as a wholesale order. Reach out to us to inquire about wholesale price and nearest Port Destination.
Pith can also be individually Packed like a carry bag and We also can do Private Label orders.

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