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New WiFi 15 Pods Hydroponics Growing System  Digital LCD Display For Sale

New WiFi 15 Pods Hydroponics Growing System  Digital LCD Display
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New WiFi 15 Pods Hydroponics Growing System  Digital LCD Display:

WiFi 15 Pods Hydroponics Growing System's Advantages over Similar Products:
* App Control: Remotely control your hydroponics system from anywhere, including Switch on/off, plant days, plant mode, Pump Mode, lighting time and water / nutrition shortage alert.
* Digital LCD Display: Clearly shows plant days, pump mode, plant mode, water and plant food indicators, Current environment temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and indicator for network.
* Light or pump run time setting: Freely adjust the light and pump run time to fit for day shifters or night workers.
* Up to 30 inches adjustable height: the highest hydroponics system on the market, perfect for tall veggies such as tomato, pepper, pea, eggplant. Full control of the growing conditions and grow crops year-round.
* 15 Pods Large Capacity: Up to 15 pods plants at one time, grow more, save more.
* 5.5L Large Water Tank: Provides a larger space for root development and keeps your plants fresh longer without watering.
  • [Digital Screen Smart Indoor Garden with APP]The digital screen of our smart indoor garden displays your garden's timely data and reminds you when to add things like water and plant food. You can also control lights and pump modes and more functions via the "Smart Life" APP(Make sure open your Bluetooth and connect to your own Wi-Fi network).
  • [High up to 30 inches, Temperature Display & Easy to Clean]The rod of the smart indoor growing system can be adjusted up to 30 inches(The highest on the market at present), providing more space to grow more plants and grow taller plants!Also,this smart hydroponics garden can switch between ℉ and ℃ easily.The water pump can be removed separately,which makes cleaning easier.
  • [Larger Capacity & Water Shortage Alerts]The hydroponic circulation system has 15 plant pods for planting more natural herb,vegetables and fruits. Equipped with an quiet circulating water pump and 5.5L water tank to form a water circulation system and increase more oxygen. In addition,when the water drops down to 1.5L,the device will alert you and the water pump will automatically stop working.
  • [2 Planting Modes, Automatic Grow Lights and Timer of Hydroponics Growing System]Veg&herb mode is suitable for plants that will not bloom or yield like lettuce. Flower&fruit mode is for plants that can flower and fruit such as tomato,pepper. Both Two LED mode is set as automatic 16-hour-on and 8-hour-off cycle,simulating the rising and setting of the sun.You can also adjust the different lighting times for your plants manually via the App.
info:**Planting and Transplanting:**
1. **Sowing Seeds**: Planting seeds in soil or containers to grow new plants.2. **Transplanting**: Moving young plants from seed trays to larger pots or the garden.3. **Seedling Care**: Nurturing young seedlings to ensure healthy growth.4. **Planting Trees and Shrubs**: Establishing larger plants in the garden.
**Soil Preparation:**
5. **Soil Testing**: Assessing soil quality and nutrient levels.6. **Tilling**: Turning over and loosening soil to improve aeration.7. **Amending Soil**: Adding compost, organic matter, or fertilizers to enrich the soil.8. **Mulching**: Applying mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.
**Watering and Irrigation:**
9. **Watering**: Providing the right amount of water for plants.10. **Drip Irrigation**: Installing a system for efficient water distribution.11. **Rain Barrels**: Collecting rainwater for watering plants.12. **Sprinkler Systems**: Using automated sprinklers for consistent watering.
**Plant Care:**
13. **Pruning**: Trimming plants to promote growth and shape.14. **Deadheading**: Removing spent flowers to encourage new blooms.15. **Thinning**: Reducing overcrowding by removing excess plants.16. **Fertilizing**: Providing essential nutrients for plant health.17. **Pest Control**: Managing pests and diseases through organic or chemical means.18. **Weed Control**: Preventing and removing unwanted weeds.
**Garden Tools:**
19. **Shovels and Spades**: For digging and moving soil.20. **Rakes**: Used for leveling soil and removing debris.21. **Hoes**: Helpful for weeding and cultivating.22. **Pruners and Shears**: Cutting tools for plant maintenance.23. **Gloves**: Protecting hands while gardening.24. **Trowels**: Small handheld tools for planting and transplanting.25. **Wheelbarrows**: Transporting soil, mulch, or plants.
**Plant Support:**
26. **Stakes and Trellises**: Supporting tall or vining plants.27. **Cages and Fencing**: Protecting plants from animals.28. **Netting**: Preventing birds from eating fruits.29. **Plant Ties**: Securing plants to supports.
**Harvesting and Storage:**
30. **Harvesting**: Picking fruits, vegetables, and herbs at peak ripeness.31. **Preserving**: Canning, drying, or freezing produce for later use.32. **Root Cellars**: Storing root vegetables and crops for long-term use.
**Specialty Gardens:**
33. **Container Gardening**: Growing plants in pots and containers.34. **Herb Gardens**: Cultivating herbs for culinary and medicinal use.35. **Rose Gardens**: Focusing on the care and cultivation of roses.36. **Vegetable Gardens**: Growing a variety of vegetables.37. **Butterfly Gardens**: Attracting butterflies with specific plants.38. **Xeriscaping**: Landscaping with drought-tolerant plants for water conservation.39. **Indoor Gardening**: Growing plants inside, often in pots or hydroponics systems.40. **Companion Planting**: Strategically planting compatible species to benefit each other.
Gardening and plant-growing offer a wide range of activities and opportunities to nurture beautiful and productive green spaces, whether it's a backyard garden, a community plot, or indoor plants.

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