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Judo Cann DWC/Wick/Aeroponic/Hydroponic Supercrop Kit For Sale

Judo Cann DWC/Wick/Aeroponic/Hydroponic Supercrop  Kit

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Judo Cann DWC/Wick/Aeroponic/Hydroponic Supercrop Kit:

This kit is ready to go and easy enough for beginners. We provide support to help you along the way. Don't let hydroponics scare you! It's easier in a lot of ways and much cleaner. No Dust or Dirt! Lab grade kit for a microgarden. System can easily be added onto. Local grower-designed and chosen. Perfect for sea of green style perpetual harvesting methods. Most of our in-house growers like organics and dirt as well. We use dirt for the moms and flower out clones in the Judo Canns. We like this 32 ounce, 1 quart size. It helps use less water and maintain the water quality in higher levels. Kit includes: Two Judo Canns, pump, hose, fitting, net pots, rockwool, air stones, nutrients, and instructions. Message me for details on larger, custom kits.
Judo Cann is locally grower-designed, tested, proven, developed, and produced. Judo Canns train the plants to grow very large flowers on small plants. Decrease biomass and increase efficiency at the same time! I'd be happy to help you along. I also have them in larger sizes. 1 gal, 2 gal, 3 gal, and 5 gal. Message me for more details. Happy growing!
  • For Growers by Growers!
  • Grow Top Shelf Choice Flower
  • Self-Watering
  • Uses less water
  • Less Biomass/Foliage Waste
  • Maximize horizontal and vertical space
  • Increase yield
  • Increase efficiency
  • Can be linked to expand system easily
  • Clean and germ free!
  • No Dust or dirt
  • Picked by 4 out of 5 Local Growers! (Beat it, Billy, your bud sucks! lol)

Buy Now


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