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Hydroponic Growing System. 12 site DWC/DRIP System w/N For Sale

Hydroponic Growing System.  12 site DWC/DRIP System w/N

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Hydroponic Growing System. 12 site DWC/DRIP System w/N:

Hydroponic Growing System. 12 site DWC/DRIP System w/Nutrients. click picture to enlarge click picture to enlarge click picture to enlarge click picture to enlarge

All our Systems are Both"DEEP WATER CULTURE& DRIP IRRIGATION", combined into one system thatwe call "Hydrobin".We call the bucket systems Hydro-Buckets. These Systems can Grow Plantsover 9 ft. Tall!. They are 100% SAFE and Easy to Use!!!.

Wedeveloped my systems to be Very Simple, Inexpensive, Reliable,of Excellent Quality, andtechnologically superior to the competition. These systems may be used to grow almost ANY plant.

Plants canbe transplanted from soil to these units, or you can start fresh from seeds, cuttings, usingplugsorrockwool, or cuttings from anaeroponic or subsonic cloner.

What's in The Box;) 1-35 Gallon Reservoir with lid. 12-5 gallon Black plastic buckets. 12-10 inch Mesh Bucket Pots. 1 Lifetime Warranted, Fully Adjustable, Filtered, 12-way Distribution Manifold, The System is 90% ready-to-go, out of the box. All the air & water hosecut and installed on theirdistribution manifolds,for12 Complete Growing Sites, apx. 200ft. 1 EcoPlus 396 gph. Water Pump. 1 ActiveAir110 liter per Minute Air Pump with12 way Adjustable copper manifold. 12-6 inch Air Stones 1-3pc. General Hydroponics Starter Kit with 1 quart Each of; Flora Grow, Flora Micro, & Flora Bloom. All the Holes are pre cut. Completeinstructions (it's a Very Simple System). 30minutes of Free phone help. (on request) The word "cheap" is used in some of our listing titles to attract buyers, All the parts used in building the system areof ExcellentQuality and all parts have a one year factory warranty, except the water manifold which has a Lifetime Warranty. The special fitting on the submersible pump and the multipleair stones, circulate the water constantly which grows Bigger Roots, bigger roots = Bigger Flowers & Vegetables. You control the waterfeed ratewith the 0 to 30 gph. fully Adjustable Manifold so it is Impossible for the buckets to overflow. Pleasecontactus for:

Add-on Sites.

Multiple unit

Building a brand newcustomized system from 1 to 99 sites.

Complete systems including Reservoir, Plumbing,growing medium, Organic Nutrients,Lights, Reflectors, Fans, Co2regulators, Cloning Systemand written instructions.

Consulting help,65$ hr.in person,orbyphone.

The free stuff!!!.

Please Know this,we giveout freeinformation and item #'s without favoritism to ANY seller, or supplier After you purchase a system.we get no perks from ANYONE for giving out the item #'s. The actual item #'swe will give you when you buy a system are a general guide line.we can give you a pretty close estimate on the cost of a system, or what system is right for you as well. You might find something cheaper, but we have spent a fair amount of time "shopping" to save you the time and $$$. Feel free to shop on your own, just be sure to research, Beforeyou Buy and only buy What you can Afford.We don't mind giving out a little free information to those who need it, before you buy. If you decide to buy elsewhere andyou need Detailed information on what equipment to purchase, the consulting listingwill save you hundreds, or thousands, depending on your budget.This system may be used to grow Any plant, from A, to Z, without using "dirt" as a growing medium, this system is Safe, Reliable, Simple and Incredibly Productive. Please Know this,We giveout freeinformation and item #'s without favoritism to ANY seller, or supplier After you purchase a system.We get no perks from Anyone for giving out the item #'s. The actual item #'sWe will give you when you buy a system are a general guide line.We can give you a pretty close estimate on the cost of a system, or what system is right for you as well. You might find something cheaper, butWe have spent a fair amount of time "shopping" to save you the time and $$$. Feel free to shop on your own, just be sure to research, Beforeyou Buy and only buy What you can Afford.We don't mind giving out a little free information to those who need it, before you buy. If you decide to buy elsewhere andyou need Detailed information on what equipment to purchase, the consulting listingwill save you hundreds, or thousands, depending on your budget.This system may be used to grow Any plant, from A, to Z, without using "dirt" as a growing medium, this system is Safe, Reliable, Simple and Incredibly Productive.

Wedonot sell systems for Illegal use. These systems may be used to grow almost ANY plant.

Weare posting some Free Basic informationin this listing, asit bothers me Greatly that so many peopleare being takenadvantage of when being "sold" equipment.We are not wealthy people and neither is the average person.W do not believe that being naive, or new to growing with hydroponics is an excuseto be taken advantage of, the free info at the bottom of the listing is for the needy, the disabled, vets, the poor, andthe naive.

The free stuff!!!.

Please know this,we give this information freely and without favoritism to ANY seller, or supplier.We get no perks from Anyone for giving out this information. Feel free to shop around, just remember, only buy What you can Afford. Most of the information below is for growing indoors. If you are growing outdoor, you will not need the lights, ventilation, C02, or timers, ect.


Your seed supplier must be able to take care of your needs all year round! If not, you must find a way to preserve the seed. If you have to you can preserve seed by using silica gel in airtight containers and store in cool dry conditions. It is best, though not always practical, for the seed company to have ample supplies throughout the year. This would save you having to buy a year's supply and store before usage.

In most cases lettuce seeds are cool weather crops. The seed only germinates when air and ground temperatures are below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're using a greenhouse you can control these temperatures and grow throughout the entire year. Best germination temperature is 60-75 degrees F or 16-24 degrees C. The type of lighting is important: red light (not far red) is best. If you are germinating inside, use full-spectrum fluorescent lamps with the accent on the red as explained above. HID (high intensity discharge) lamps are too bright for this purpose. Cool weather crops can tolerate cooler temperatures.

Outside beds can be sown with heat-resistant varieties. If you sow in hot weather, light shading should be provided for several days. The shading can then be removed. In such hot or warm weather you should not wait for the plants to mature. Harvest them early while tender. Then replant again and again to keep a steady succession of crops on line. Make certain the beds are evenly moist at all times.

For those of you who are transplanting to outside beds, be sure to harden off your seedlings first. You do this by gradually getting the seedlings accustomed to the light and temperature differences. Another way to plant your seed is to use the cut-and-come-again idea. This is where you broadcast seeds or seedlings and cut (harvest) four or five times throughout that crop's season.

Water quality is very important. Rainwater or what is known as soft water is ideal but not always available. Even though the pH is right (around 6.5) you may still need a reverse osmosis filter to get the kind of water you want for your plants. Select crops for weather conditions prevailing at each time of the year. Fall and spring crops for cool areas or climes and summer crops for the warm areas or climes. The ideal temperature for the nutrient solution should be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

More specific instructions will be given for each particular seed category, not only in this text but also on the seed package itself. The main necessities for lettuce crops and gourmet salad greens are good drainage and consistent but frequent and light nutrient (fertilizer) applications.

Lettuce seed is very sensitive to all allopathic chemicals released by common weeds such as nutsedge, foxtail, quackgrass. Also residues of broccoli, beets, barley, and rye can inhibit growth. So you must make certain your growing area is not contaminated in any way. Crucifers and mustard family members are also detrimental to lettuce growth.

The crucifers are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, Brussels Sprouts. Mustard family members are mustard, sweet alyssum, cress, wallflower, candytuft.

GERMINATION: Outside beds - you can hand broadcast or transplant seedlings from inside. Inside beds (or hydroponic) - you can again hand broadcast for soil but it is highly inefficient to do so. It is better to transplant or seed directly into separate blocks.

The author suggests you have a potting shed to which is attached a small greenhouse over which you can place a shade cloth for light extremes. If you prefer, you can use fluorescent lights for germination as was mentioned above.

The shed can be used for storage of fertilizer and potting materials. You can build a shed and a small greenhouse for next to nothing. Often you can get materials free by just asking and hauling them away. For most operations, your shed should be the size of a small garage.

The greenhouse can be attached to the shed. It should be 8 feet high at the center ridge pole, five feet at the sides and up to fifteen feet long. If you will study the plans for the main greenhouse given later in this book you will be able to make a simple design for what you want. The shed and the greenhouse should be built from scrap materials. But as time goes on and your operation grows, the shed/greenhouse will be a much larger affair.

One more thing, be careful about what kind of heating you use. Gas fumes kill plants (and humans). So plan accordingly.

Seed directly into peat pellets, blocks of rockwool, blocks of oasis, or even a good potting mix. If you're growing inside it's best to plant in separate blocks ( 2 seeds per block). This method is also good for planting outside because you can transplant much more easily. The broadcast method, though effective and saves time, has its drawbacks - the plants have to be thinned to allow them to grow properly. That takes labor - and time (money).

In order to keep your beds fully occupied, you should be producing seedlings continuously, either in the beds directly or in blocks inside the potting/greenhouse area. You can't have too many seedlings. So keep a close watch on them - make sure they are all progressing at the same rate.

Some growers who raise crops inside will tell you to never use soil to start seeds. Always use vermiculite. Soil has pathogens and diseases. Vermiculite is sterile and absorbs just so much water. You should pre-soak it before using. In any case, the author believes if your medium is sterile you shouldn't have any problems. Using sterile blocks of peat, oasis or rockwool as mentioned above will do the trick. Make sure your dealer gets you "agricultural rockwool". There's a big difference - regular rockwool like that used in house construction is not fit for plants.

ALWAYS TEST YOUR SEED! This cannot be overemphasized. Make germination tests of all seeds before planting. Put a piece of blotting paper on a saucer, place some seeds on it, cover with another piece of blotting paper which is damp. If the seed hasn't germinated within ten days, get rid of all the seed!

Many growers will tell you not to feed seedlings until they've been transplanted. Like all rules this one too is meant to be broken. One of the most successful growers I have met uses a weak Peter's Stem solution for his seedlings. To be on the safe side, you could follow his method after the seedlings are two inches high - and then use just a weak solution of fertilizer.

Before we discuss the various varieties of lettuce and specialty crops, we should talk about ventilation. Outside beds will probably not have this problem unless the plants are too close together. Inside is a different matter. Inadequate ventilation will cause rot to form on the lower leaves of plants. Some operators think a steady draft of air going through the top sleeve inside the greenhouse is enough. Not so. You must also have cross currents at floor level. Extra fans along the walls will help.

Staggering of crops is also very important. Sowing and staggering of crops must be continuous throughout the year. Customers, especially chefs, want consistency and continuity all year round. So make them happy. Give them what they want. All the time.


The Quantum Digital Ballast is a break through and long awaited. The ballast comes with both 110v. & 220v. power cords. It is switchable from high pressure sodium to metal halide. It also has 3 power settings, 50%, 75% and 100%. This is Very useful when starting clones, or seedlings. Digital ballasts run cooler and this particular model will save 20% on the electric bill as well. (compared to non-digital ballasts) Digital ballasts run Much Cooler and are Much lighter. Currently the 600 watt ballast is the most efficient ballast per watt. A t-5 fluorescent fixture works Excellent for plants up to 12 inches also.


The pro's use the Eye Hortilux Blue for the vegetative, or "growth" stage. it's down fall is the 200$ price tag, but it's worth every penny!. An eye Hortilux Super Sodium works excellent for flowering. Bulbs also come in vertical and horizontal models, so keep this in mind when buying your reflector.


A widely controversial subject!,We have used many different kinds in the past andwe think the best kind is an 8" air cooled model. You can use Any kind of reflector, or none at all. Just make sure the bulb your using will work with the particular reflector you are using. (think clearance)

LED'S........This is one of the major reasons for this information........They are a SCAM!!!. This is not fairy land and the salesmen are either mis-informed, don't care, or just plain crooks. Current technology is as follows; The REAL maximum lumen (light) output for an led light is 24,000 lumens. It consumes 600 watts and costs 2,200$.....This is reality. The good news is, the 600 watt Quantum digital ballast costs just over 300$, consumes 600 watts and puts out 95,000 lumens with a good h/o sodium bulb.......thats more than 4 times the light of the HOTTEST led at 1/7th the cost. That should cover ALL questions on UFO, and led lights.


Co2 will increase your production by 40%, to 80%. indoorssimply put, feeding the plants Co2 is like adding a super charger to the engine in your car. The plants will only absorb so much, so anything over 1600ppm, is a waste. (Co2 is only absorbed by plants in the light)Co2 will also increases thepotency as well. 1500ppm. (parts per million) is the most widely accepted amount agreed on. The air has 300, to 400ppm of Co2 (depending on location) already in the air. You will need a means to introduce the Co2 to your tomatoes.....The most efficient, reliable and cheapest way to do this is with a 20lb Co2 tank. You can get one from a restaurant supply company, on or a friend who owns a restaurant or bar. (the Co2 is used to carbonate soda pop and beer) You will also need a regulator, a burst timer and soaker hose. Co2 sinks, so it must be circulated, or distributed with soaker hose suspended Above the plants.


This is a Very important, but often over looked subject. If funds are available, it is best to purchase an air cooledreflector (a light reflector with holes on either end). 6 inch, or 8 inch air cooled reflectors can be purchased with your light system, or seperatly. You hook up 6", or 8" vent hose to one, or both ends of the reflector and a fan is put in line and the hot air from the bulb is vented to the outside. You must also have a source for fresh air for the plants. Generally, 2 holes are put at either end of the room used. One should be high, (exhaust) the other should be low, (intake)as cool air sinks and hot air rises. If you, or the neighbor are concerned about the oder produced, or they are allergic to whatever it is your growing, several filtration devices are available. Iused a carbon filter connected to my exhaust vent in the past. The filters can be quite big and expensive, but they may be necessary, depending on your individual situation.If using Co2, do not vent the air outside for 60 minutes, after injecting with Co2. It is not necessary to have additional ventilation, unless you are growing in closet or other air-tight space.

Timers, control boxes and meters.

You will need a timer for your lights (make sure it's enough amperage). The light timer only needs to have 2 cycles (settings). The burst timer for the Co2 and water pumps should have a variable setting. You will be using a 3 minute on cycle every hour on both the Co2, and the water pump. Your fan timers will vary, depending on your thermostat for the temperature control (or lack of one).We use a basic ph and tds meter, as these systems are stable and constant adjustment is not necessary. If you have the $, control boxes can be purchased that will control everything from fan timers to co2 injection. It's all a matter of funds and the amount of automation you desire.


This also is a Very controversial subject.We have used General Hydroponics Flora 3 part series for years.We do use additional formulas as well, but the Flora 3 part series is the Major nutrient. The Humboldt and Botannica formula's work well also. "True" Organic nutrients can be used, such as teas, but they must be filtered through panty hose, or similar grade of screen, Before adding the nutrient to the reservoir. The pumps used in most hydro systems use pre filters. Organic nutrients tend to clog filters, emitters, sprayers and feed lines if they are not filtered. Organic teas work well, butwe personally don't recommend using them, until you have at least 1 year of experience with synthetic, or semi-organic formulas first. You will also need a trace mineral formula.(this is included with the Flora 3 part series)I also use 2 additional formulas for secondary nutrients. Again, exact item #'s are available with payment of a system.


Tap water can be used, it is cheap an if you let it set for 24-48hrs., (stir once and a while) the chlorine will dissipate and the water temp will warm up as well. Water temp will vary. 63-80 degrees is fully acceptable. You can purchase an aquarium heater, if your water temp isn't warm enough, or a water chiller, if the temp is too high (Extream climates only). The temperature will rise with the heat from the lights, ballasts, pumps ect. It is not necessary to use distilled water, or reverse osmosis. Actually the plant need the minerals in hard water, as soil usually has trace minerals, but water has very little, if any.


Ph should be between 5.6 and 6.4 with this system. If you rinse the bins or buckets every 2 to 3 weeks, and let the chlorine dissipate, before adding to the reservoir and keep the temperature between 70-85 degrees, you should have No problem with Ph. Whenwe first started Hydrowe had to watch and Constantly regulate the ph, because the systems were all so touchy. If the ph changes .5 points in 90% of the systems currently for sale, you can loose your entire crop. My systems are much more tolerable because of the reservoir, the constantly circulating and super aerated water and a few "trade secrets". In short, follow my directions for the water and the PH will regulate itself.

Bug Control:

The spider mite isa Major killer of our beloved tomato's and Many other plants as well.There are 3 major kinds of spider mites that do most of the damage.We use and recommend only one thing, PREDATOR MITES. They are the easiest, most effective and a "true" organic method of pest control. They work exceptionally well hydro systems. There are many other means of control, beforewe discovered predator mites,We used neem oil. DO NOT believe Anyone who tells you ANY fogger can be used up till harvest. YOU WILL TASTE THE CHEMICAL!!!. Yes, the mites might be killed for a while, but they will be back and you will taste the pure "nastiness" of the chemical in your tomatoes, or Any edible. I realize nastiness is not a very technical term, but it seems to describe the effect of foggers the best. Of course I will include the best site to purchase them, with the purchase of a paid system.


Yes, that's correct, Love.Plants have higher growth rates when they are talked to and sent positive vibrations. It's a scientific fact. It's certainly not necessary to talk to and "love" your plants, but it is beneficial for both of you...........Yes, I love them, lol!!!. Most people with green thumbs (weather they be natural, or earned green thumbs) talk to their plants in a happy, cheerful and soft voice, just as you would a young child. Call me crazy, call me passionate, try it for yourself.

Weknow some will laugh and think it foolish to give out so much information for free. As long as this information helps 1 person in pain and with a Genuine need,ourobjective is accomplished andwe hope that person passes the information to another in need.

Below is someof our recent response. response From Buyer / Price Date / Time a++++ covey213 ( 45) Feb-25-10 16:26 -- -- Private A+++ Very Fast Shipper Great Item Fantastic er Highly recommended Dealer bluewaterman1_123 ( 107) Feb-23-10 03:51 -- -- Private A+++Seller scarletmountains ( 17) Feb-21-10 19:58 -- -- Private Great er, products are as descibed, shipping was prompt. lnb518 ( 58) Feb-10-10 17:39 -- -- Private Fast Shipping, Great to work with!! A + X 500 ror56 ( 771) Feb-05-10 20:25 -- -- Private Very impressed, thanks for everything!! joeeee574 ( 15) Feb-05-10 11:16 -- -- Private Excellent Merchant Secured Shipping Fast Delivery Will do business again! 5***** wfnnelson ( 184) Jan-31-10 03:25 -- -- Private great product scullyrick7 ( 5 ) Jan-14-10 22:52 -- -- Private A++++ fast shipping and great product thanks justin5274 ( 28) Jan-03-10 19:19 -- -- Private thank you r.aitchison ( 46) Dec-31-09 09:54 -- -- Private Excellent, Satisfied with the product as described and arrived fast,thanks. ketan_desai ( 9 ) Dec-30-09 05:21 -- -- Private All our Bin & Bucket Systems are Both "DEEP WATER CULTURE & DRIP IRRIGATION", combined into one system that We call "Hydrobin". We call the bucket systems HydroBucket.
These Systems Grow Giant Vegetables, Flowers, Shrubs, Ground Cover and Bonzi. They are 100% SAFE and Easy to Use!!!. These hydroponic systems may be used to grow Any plant.If you are new to Hydroponics, or Growing period, We will help you get set up, After you make a full system purchase. We Do Care and we will Not leave you Stranded, or Lost, if you need Additional Guidance, or Support.Thanks for Looking & Happy Growing!, Always Hydroponics.See my other listings for more great items!
Payment method Preferred/Accepted
PayPal Preferred Immediate payment required for this item
Shipping and handling
Item location: Brookings, Oregon, United States
Shipping to: United States, Canada

You will recieve an email with tracking number when item is ready to ship. This also includes free delivery confirmation. We SHIP FAST 48 hours or less after th sale, (excluding weekends & holidays) or listing ends. We Cannot be held responsible for Postal negligence, but we do insure any purcase over 100$, free of charge and All shipments using UPS are insured, including shipments under 100$.We often give 3 shipping options to USA buyers, Please remember, Parcel is slow, it can take up to 10 working days, Priority is packed in a cardboard box and arrives in 2 to 3 days, but is expensive for oversized items. All items are shipped in unmarked containers. We do combine shipping on multiple purchases, except certain oversized items. Some of the shipping on our Larger systems is expensive, because they are multiple (2-4) cartons & many are also Oversized.You are charge the Actual Shipping Price, we Do Not charge Any Handling fees.BE SURE TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE offerDING ON MULTIPLE sales WHEN ONE ENDS SO WE MAY COMBINE THE SHIPPING COSTS.International Buyers are Responsible for ANY additional Taxes, Tariffs, or Duties. These Charges are Not Included in the International Shipping Rates.Domestic handling time
Will usually ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment.
Return policy
Item must be returned within Refund will be given as Return policy details
7 days after the buyer receives it Exchange
The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.

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