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Hydroponic Germination System with Adjustable LED Lights Circulation Pump Plant For Sale

Hydroponic Germination System with Adjustable LED Lights Circulation Pump Plant

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Hydroponic Germination System with Adjustable LED Lights Circulation Pump Plant:

10 Smart Hydroponic Planters, Hydroponic Germination System with Adjustable LED Lights, Bamboo Flower Pot Basket, Circulation Pump and Nutrient Powder, Plant, Vegetable and Fruit Starter Kit

Five key points:

1. [Smart Water Circulation System]: A built-in smart water circulation system at the bottom increases water activity and can effectively prevent pests and pesticide pollution

2. [Automatic timing adjustment]: With 16H automatic timing switch, no need to set automatic timing, to meet your business travel needs

3. [Full-spectrum LED growth light]: Standard full-spectrum matching lamp beads, professional lighting, simulating nature, suitable for all kinds of plant lighting needs, one-click opening to create your own exclusive garden

4. [Transparent PC material]: Better protection of natural light, so that every inch of the plant can perfectly absorb natural light

5. [Water shortage protection]: Built-in water injection port design, water shortage protection water pump, more user-friendly and portable one-click fertilizer for timely replenishment of water to plants, with visual water scale, convenient for instant water addition

Material: Transparent PC material

Base material: bamboo

Number of planting baskets: 10

Power: 10W

Voltage: 12V/1.5A

Luminous flux: 900LM

Water scale scale: 1L-2.5L (maximum water capacity 2.5L)

Product weight: 1.45KG

Packing size: 45*14.5*14.7cm

Packing list:

1 * Smart hydroponic planter

1 * Bamboo adjusting rod

1 * Bamboo chassis

1 * water tank

1 * Water tank cover

1 * Light board

1 * Finger screw nut

10 * Planting basket

10 * Planting substrate

10 * Nursery cover

10 * Seedling stickers

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