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High Pressure Aeroponic Misting (4)xNozzle Manifold Kit 20"x7". Indoor Farming For Sale

High Pressure Aeroponic Misting (4)xNozzle Manifold Kit 20

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High Pressure Aeroponic Misting (4)xNozzle Manifold Kit 20"x7". Indoor Farming:

Package Includes: High pressure aeroponic manifold with (4) nozzles, stainless steel pipe and push lock fittings. Overall size 20"x6.5". Product includes (4) spray heads with Tefen conical nozzle with stainless steel nozzle filter- 200 mesh, nozzle tee 3/8", (4) twist nozzle keys, (1) push lock Tee 3/8in, (4) push lock elbows 3/8in, (1) push lock 3/8" to 3/8" bulk head to attach to your setup. Includes (2) 11"L- 3/8" ss304 stainless steel pipes. (7) 3"L- 3/8" ss304 pipes. (1) 6.5"L- 3/8" ss304 pipe. Nozzles will produce water droplets in the 30-80 micron range, operates at pressures ranging from 30-125PSI.
I've designed and built commercial and hobbyist aeroponic systems for indoor agriculture. I can give you advise on a setup that will work for you. This is the ideal size manifold for a 4-8 (large) plant setup.Benefits to high pressure aeroponics include:
  • The plants will have more consistent results
  • Less water and nutrient usage and waste
  • Plants less heavy in nutrients they don't need
  • Less diseases and root rot
  • Oxygenation of the nutrient solution
The following items listed below are not included in this package. They are items that I would recommend in a high pressure aeroponic setup. I accept no fault if your system doesn't work properly but I am happy to advise. Please do your due diligence and research what components will work for your unique setup:The manifold design will work perfectly with a standard 27-Gallon (108-Quart) Black Tote with Standard Snap Lid.It is recommended to use a booster pump or combination accumulator & booster pump. SHURflo Mini Water Boost System.
Other items I would recommend with a closed loop system are a digital timer, a 30 Gal reservoir sump drain for adding nutrients & water changes, Pressure relief valve, solenoid valve, R/O system for filtering hard water.
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