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High Presssure Sodium GROW LIGHT 400 250 150 watt w For Sale

High Presssure Sodium GROW LIGHT 400 250 150 watt  w

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High Presssure Sodium GROW LIGHT 400 250 150 watt w :

Welcome to HTGSupply! 's Premier Indoor Gardening Supply Store!
Please check out our ABOUT US Page to learn more about HTGsupply! We are one of the largest retailers of indoor gardening equipment in the United States. We have the best prices and largest selection on hundreds of items that every indoor gardener needs. We have many exclusive items that you simply cannot find elsewhere, so please check us out!

Click Below to see a short video about HTGSupply and our great products and service!

150 250 400 HPS GROW LIGHT watt 400w Sodium w lamp bulb





You choose 150 watt, 250 watt or 400 watt size

This is the Most Popular Grow Light System in the USA! Over 25,000 units sold to date!

This is "plug and play" and includes everything you need to get growing. This unit is simply the best value in indoor garden grow lighting available anywhere. The heavy duty construction and top quality components will provide YEARS of dependable service.

System Includes:

- 150, 250 or 400 watt REMOTE BALLAST

- Four Sided Reflector

- High Output High Pressure Sodium Bulb/Lamp


Innovative and Intelligent Design. HTGSupply was the FIRST to incorporate a separated ballast/component design. This keeps the heat generated by the ballast core away from the components (ignitor/capacitor) which greatly increases the lifespan and performance of the system!The Ballast is also Remote, meaning you can remove it from your grow room to cut down on heat andthis also makes the reflector much lighter and easier to work with.

We also thought of all the small details that make this unit even that much better than any other system:"Key Hole" Mounting bracket in theFolding Handle, Rubber Feet, Universal Removable Socket Set, Four Sided Horizontal Reflector, 10' Grounded Power Cord,10' Ballast to Reflector Cord and more!

Four Sided Horizontal Reflector Design is simply the best in the business. The simple and efficient design of this reflector allows you to harvest each precious lumen of light and direct it downward onto your garden area - withno wasted light being shot off onto your grow room walls! All the light energy is reflected directly onto your plants allowing for the maximum plant growth and higher plant yields. End Panels can also be removed to make this a standard "bat wing" type reflector and the polished aluminum hammertoned metal is mallable (it bends and holds it's shape)and allows for the adjustment in or out to tighten or widen the light beam spread for a total customization of the light beam spread. Polished Aluminum Hammertoned reflector material utlizes the highly reflective mirror-like surface of the polished aluminum for maximum reflectivity combines with the "hammertoned" surface (distressed/bumpy) for excellent light disperal without the "hot spots" associated with flat reflectors. Reflector measures: 15.5" long x 12.5" wide x 6" deep

10' Socket to Ballast Cord has a removable Universal Socket set that attaches to the reflector bracket. This allows the use of other types of reflectors including air-cooled style reflectors and other "open-air" type reflectors that we have available. This unit is also compatible with many "name brand" reflector units including Sunlight Supply.

10' Grounded Power Cord plugs into your standard household outlet

Thetable below goes over the recommended area of coverage for the different wattage grow lights from this listing. This is the area in square feet - dimensions of width and length of the floor space of your garden area - and is recognized as the maximum coverage for each light system. Please note that the reflector should be hung between 12-24 inches above your garden canopy with 18" being the optimal height. Please see the chart at the right to view the "footprint" (light pattern) of the HTGSupply 4 Sided Reflector. The reflector was hung at 18" and measured over a 4'x4' area, as you can see it has a very even light spread and performs very well.

Area of Coverage

150 watt HPS

2 ft x 2 ft square feet

250 watt HPS

3 ft x 3 ft square feet

400 watt HPS

4 ft x 4 ft square feet

The following table goes over the electrical costs of operating these different light systems. The calculations are based on 10 cents a kilowatt hour (please check your rate) and having the light on for an average of 12 hours per day during a 30 day month.

150 watt HPS

$6.20 a month

250 watt HPS

$10.35 a month

400 watt HPS

$16.56 a month

Please see the YOUTUBE Video belowfor a more detailed look at this excellent product!


For directions to the nearest HTGSupply retail store, please click on the RETAIL tab above.


Call us at 1-866-710-GROW

9-5 M-F Eastern Time

» » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » »

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm ET for info

We accept PayPal or you may pay us directly via credit card.

14-day money-back guarantee (less shipping). Item must be received back in NEW, MINT condition for full price refund. Please save your shipping boxes, packing materials and note how item was packed for shipping. Any damage may null and void warranty. Nutrients cannot be returned for any reason.

    Shipping is determined by the SHIPPING CALCULATOR, so actual shipping and handling costs apply! This shipping cost is for shipping within the CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES and to the calculated Zip Code at the time of checkout only. For Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Virgin Islands additional shipping costs will incur. Shipping is done via UPS GROUND and item is insured for it's complete value. UPS does NOT deliver to Post Office boxes, so sorry but we CANNOT SHIP TO P.O. BOX ADDRESSES. Please provide street address if you do use a P.O. box. We ship daily from Monday through Friday and shipment usually takes place within 24 hours of cleared payment if it falls between these days. Check out our response and you will see we are known for our LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING!

    Shipping Discounts on Large Orders Available - Call Us for More Information



    • We have been in THIS business for almost 10 YEARS - and will continue to be in our stores and on long after you make your purchase!
    • TOLL-FREE support. We're not an email-only seller; we man our phones Monday thru Friday from 9 am-5pm ET. Call us at 866.710.GROW (4769).
    • But, EMAIL is an option, too
    • Legitimate business with ELEVEN brick and mortar stores across the country! We are the REAL DEAL, an honest-to-goodness indoor growing/hydroponic gardening business. We operate out of our retail locations in several states, not our garage or basement.
    • We SPECIALIZE in indoor grow supplies! We sell only top-quality products for growers. We KNOW our stuff! We can answer all of your questions and help you make the right choice for your grow needs!
    • FAST shipping! We ship most orders within 24 hours of purchase or the next business day after payment is received.
    • Top seller! We consistently receive the highest ratings from our buyers and have earned a track record of excellent service.
    • HIGHEST level of achievement! Our volume of sales is HIGH and we've been recognized by for customer satisfaction and amount of sales.
    • EXCELLENT response rating! Over 48,000 positive responses with a rating over 99%! The reason? We earn it! We go above and beyond what our customers expect.
    • TOP QUALITY products! We sell only brand-new top-quality products at unbelievable prices. Compare and confirm!
    • YOU KNOW what you are going to get! Our products are 100% TOP QUALITY and we show you that in our listings! We pride ourselves on our accurate photos and descriptions.
    • We WORK HARD for our customers! We strive to make every customer happy. We truly care about our customers, not just our profits. Do a search engine search on us and you'll discover our GREAT REPUTATION.
    • IN-STOCK inventory! No delays, no drop shipping!
    • SAFE and reliable plain brown box shipment methods. We pack well and mark our boxes only with our return address of HTGSupply.
    • We DO BUSINESS the RIGHT WAY! We're stable sellers, not after the "quick buck"! We'll be around years from now if you have a warranty issue, need support or just want to say "Hi". Our reputation is important to us - and to our customers!
    • USA seller! No customs or duty issues, no delayed shipments.
    • REAL WARRANTY! We offer full warranties on our products - YEARS, not DAYS - that we will personally take care of for you, not pass you off to the "manufacturer" like others do. Our competition has very limited warranties - We will not leave you HIGH and DRY like others would.

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