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Gorillia Tent/Phantom II 1000W Hydro Grow Kit Monster 6 w/ FAN, C.A.P. & PHAT For Sale

Gorillia Tent/Phantom II 1000W Hydro Grow Kit  Monster 6 w/ FAN, C.A.P. & PHAT

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Gorillia Tent/Phantom II 1000W Hydro Grow Kit Monster 6 w/ FAN, C.A.P. & PHAT :

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMSON OUR SISTER our online HEAD SHOP for 100's of items not allowed on . Google CaliSecrets dot comSHOP FOR MORE PLANT NUTRIENTS GROWROOM EQUIPMENTClick here for options-SOLUBLE POWDER NUTRIENTS Click here for options-ORGANIC SOIL MEALS Gorillia Tent/Phantom II E-ballast 1000W IndoorHydroponic Grow Kit This kit includes the following:
Phantom II E-ballast 1000WThe Phantom II Digital Ballast takes the reliability and engineering superiority of the original Phantom ballast and adds industry leading Smart Alert Technology, setting a new standard for excellence and functionality. The Phantom II is TOTALLY silent, energy efficient, reliable, and lightweight. Smart Alert Technology utilizes a 32MHz fully integrated microprocessor to keep your setup running smoothly. The Phantom has built-in hot re-strike programming to protect the lamp and ballast in the event of the ballast turning off unexpectedly. The ballast will not attempt to restart a hot lamp for at least 15 minutes. Phantom II features• Smart Alert Technology• High-precision microprocessor control• High efficiency• Ignition voltage control• Four-way dimming feature 60%, 75%, 100%, and Super• Intelligent lamp ignition and power control• LED indicators• Intelligent lamp detection• End of life lamp protection and indication• Current sense intelligent startup• Precision thermal controls
Raptor Reflector 6" AC
The new Raptor 6" mega reflector was designed with our customers' needs in mind. It features a low profile design for optimum light uniformity, aerodynamic socket to streamline the airflow across the lamp and full four-sided 95% reflective specular interior. • 95% reflective four-sided hammertone interior offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion • Stronger and more durable - multi-point reinforced construction with pre-galvanized steel and corrosion proof electro coat white paint• Effective air cooling with built-in 6" flanges and aerodynamic junction box. Integrated socket & 15' lamp cord
1000W Digilux DigitalHPS Bulb
Digilux NOW IMPROVED! Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs are favored by growers because of the wide color spectrum and efficiency. They are engineered for use in digital ballasts and feature enhanced red and orange spectrums (HPS) blue spectrums (MH), better color uniformity, longer bulb life, and less lumen depreciation. Digilux bulbs can be used in both vertical and horizontal fixtures. Digilux lamps offer superior performance compared to traditional metal halide and H.P.S. lamps. Digilux HPS bulbs deliver 25% more energy in the red and orange spectrums as well as25% more energy in the blue, violet, and green spectrums for theMHbulbs.
5' x 9' Gorilla Grow Tent
TALLEST. THICKEST. STRONGEST. The first ever height adjusting grow tent. Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts, and essential for beginners. These tents are height adjustable to increase your yields and plant sizes up to 2X, runs cooler, and are easy to walk around in. The 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls are 3-9X thicker than any other grow tent which makes them light proof, odor resistant, quieter, and properly insulated. Gorilla tents also have the strongest metal poles that can hold up to 500lbs on larger sizes for maximum safety and security. Other highlights include a patent pending InfraRed blocking roof, double-cinching ducting ports properly positioned where they should be, heaviest duty zippers that last, durable safety pool for unexpected water spills, and large EZ View windows that offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment. The doorways also zip all the way around that offer complete 360 degree convenient access. The larger layouts provide frustration free maneuvering. Gorilla Grow Tents far exceed all others, and remember, your grow is only as good as what you grow in. Trade in your old tent for a Gorilla growing experience. Grow easy on yourself. Grow Gorilla. Features • 100% metal, interlocking, sturdy frame & connectors• 1680D "Easy On" grow tent• 12" height extension kit• Infrared blocking roof insertion• "EZ View" windows• Convenient access tool pouch• Heavy duty flood protection pool• 10" double cinching, no leak ducting ports• 360 degree "wrap around" access• Micro mesh pest control pre-filters• Easy set-up instructions Exterior Dimensions: 60" x 108" x 81" (93" w/height extension)C.A.P. CO2-2e CO2, Temperature & Humidity Controller w/ppm option
The C.A.P. CO2-2e combines the three most important controls for your growing area—all in one unit. It separately controls temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. Its built-in photocell ensures that the CO2 valve or generator is only active during the day when the HID lights are on. It has two timers that are used to add just the right amount of CO2 without the wasteful overshoot that other controllers have. One timer of the CO2-2e controller manages the length of time the CO2 is released, and the other controls how often the CO2 is released. The result is a very efficient method of controlling CO2. The CO2-2e features independent temperature and humidity controls which will disable CO2 injection if the temperature or humidity levels that you specify are exceeded, activating an exhaust outlet which can control ventilation equipment (air conditioner, exhaust fan, etc.). The external remote temperature probe is very reliable, and it can be placed up to 30" from the unit. For ease of manual monitoring, there are three indicator lights to verify Exhaust, CO2 on and PPM level. If you desire CO2 control with parts per million accuracy, pick up a PPM-1c CO2 Monitor and connect it to the CO2-2e using the port on the lower left of the CO2-2e. Specifications: Main power voltage: 120V Maximum amperage: 15A Temperature control range: 50-115°F Temperature operating range: 32-120°F Relay operating life: 100,000 electrical Humidity control range: 20-80%
Phat Filter 6"x24", 500 CFM
Phat Filters are packed full with the very best carbon on the market… and we have the independent lab test numbers to prove it. How do we know? Simple math. Carbon Quantity x Carbon Quality = Filter Capacity QUANTITY: When we say Phat Filter carbon beds are 2" thick, they are in fact, 2" thick. The same is true when it comes to Phat Filter bed length size; the size we claim is in fact the actual size, not a “rounded-up” dimension to make it seem bigger. So it stands to reason that we can obviously pack more carbon into our fi lters than some others can claim. QUALITY: Phat Filter’s quality is also backed up by math and science too. ADsorption Yield (adsorption with a “d”) is the key. It tells you how good the carbon is. So how do you find the Adsorption Yield? It’s an easy equation: Dry Apparent Density x Butane Number = Adsorption yield A high adsorption yield number equals a greater capacity to adsorb odors, which in turn means the filter is of higher quality and will sustain a longer life-span. This is critical when choosing a quality carbon filter like a Phat Filter.
Active Air 6" In-Line Fan 400 CFM
Active Air In-Line Duct Fans offer innovation and performance at a great price. With a full line of fans to meet your needs, all Active Air Fans feature: Quiet operation Durable ceramic-coated Metal housing UL-recognized components High quality molded impeller Thermally-protected AC motor Includes mounting brackets and 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord
Monster 6 Grow Pot Complete w/55 Gal Reservoir
A new addition to the C.A.P. Ebb & Gro line up, the Ebb Monster breaks all the rules and brings a whole new dimension in plant size. The Ebb Monster 6 Pot System comes complete with a 55 Gallon Reservoir and the Ebb Monster Controller Module to control the fill and drain cycles. This unit efficiently and effectively transfers nutrients to your plants on whatever schedule you set. Also included are 6 Five Gallon Grow Pot sets with all the 3/4" tubing and fittings necessary to ensure Monster plant growth! The entire system is expandable up to 12 sites when purchasing the Ebb Monster 3 Pot Expansions. You can also build your own Monster system with the Monster Ebb Controller Module available separately! All the functionality you have come to trust in a much larger package, with much much larger results.A
7 Day Dual Outlet Digital Timer
Non-Insulated Air Duct 6"-25'
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 6" (2 PACKS OF 2)
1/8'' Light Riser Hanging Sys Heavy Duty

When receiving an order shipped by Common Carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) if the order contents are damaged or missing, if the driver is present, have the driver note this at time of delivery.

Please save all contents and packing materials, boxes, etc. as these will need to be inspected by the transport company for a claim to be processed and contact US immediately


Refunds will be issued formerchandise returned within 14 days of purchase date in its original packaging. Sender will assume costs related to transportation of goods returned

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