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Gorilla Grow Tent Room Kit Hydroponics Silver Lined + FREE Height Extension Kit For Sale

Gorilla Grow Tent Room Kit Hydroponics Silver Lined + FREE Height Extension Kit

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Gorilla Grow Tent Room Kit Hydroponics Silver Lined + FREE Height Extension Kit:

Gorilla Grow Tent Room Kit Hydroponics Silver Lined + FREE Height Extension Kit

  • 1. Why are Gorilla Grow Tents the best grow tents ever made??

    Gorilla Grow Tents are simply the best grow tents available Worldwide.

    Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. The expert configuration positions ducting ports where they should be.

    Large EZ View windows offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment. The doorways offer 360 degree convenient access.

    The larger layouts provide frustration free maneuvering. Thick material and large 10" double cinching ducting ports make maintaining an ideal growing space a snap. Grow easy on yourself. Grow Gorilla.


    • TALLEST Patent Pending adjustable extension poles allow you to increase the height of your grow tent from 7 to 8 to 9 or even 10 ft tall.
    • THICKEST With a huge thread density of 1680D (compared to 200D 600D) Gorilla Grow Tents are up to 9 x denser than ANY grow tent ever made.
    • STRONGEST€“Features a solid metal interlocking frame that is up to 5 x stronger than any competitors grow tent frame. Gorilla Grow Tent frames are so strong they can hold up to 300 lbs.
    • SAFEST Patent Pending infrared blocking roof keeps surface temperatures cool. Dense threading and tight seals help contain noise and odor, as well as form a sturdy flood pool that truly holds water.
    • BEST QUALITY No plastic anywhere. Biggest zippers on the market. Diamond reflection technology. Double cinching ducting ports. Tool pouch. Bug resistant pre-filters. Sturdy flood pool. Attention to detail EVERYWHERE.
    • CLEANEST First grow tent with bug resistant pre-filters. Double cinching 10″ ducting ports for tight connections. Nothing gets in or out.
    • EASIEST Fully detachable roof, easy to read instructions make setup simple, and huge zippers make setup up a simple snap.
    • Gorilla Grow Tents also feature 360 degree accessibility, convenient viewing windows, larger layouts, and a handy tool pouch, all of which contribute to a more pleasurable growing experience.
    • MOST INSULATED With their heightened ability to control climate, Gorilla Grow Tents are more akin to a grow room or even a cabinet than they are to other tents. It is easy to keep hot, wet, or cold air out, and maintain perfect temperature and humidity inside.
    • INTELLIGENT DESIGN First professional designed tent setup created by growers. Large 10" ducting ports maximize air flow, and are in the logical locations to run proper closed loop, air-cooled lighting. EZ View windows, doors that open all the way around for 360 degree accessibility, tool pouch inside, thick poles compatible with standard fans, filters, and reflectors, all contribute to the best tent growing experience imaginable.
    • Perfectly sized to accommodate standard hydro and soil setups AND give you room to maneuver.
    • FRIENDLIEST Made for professionals and yet perfect for beginners. Comes with easy to follow instructions, grow room design plans & ideas, and lifetime customer service & support. Gorilla Grow Tent's goal is to make your growing experience as successful, smooth, easy, and safe as possible.


    Gorilla Grow Tents are the Tallest, Thickest, and Strongest grow tents ever created. Their patent pending design has revolutionized the tent industry.


    GORILLA GROW TENTSfeature a patent pending adjustable height extension kit that gives you the ability to increase your growing height from 7 to 8 or even 9 ft tall. Your plants can grow up to 50% larger.

    Never again will you have to worry about your plants outgrowing your lights and room. Now you can experience crouch free maneuvering without banging your head on low hanging lights.

    LITE LINE carries the Gorilla torch with its height adjusting technology. While these tents have a lower starting height, growers still have the ability to increase their overall growing height on the fly with the 1 ft. height extension kit (sold separately). Low ceiling height got you down? Well, let the LITE LINE bring you right back up. GGT & LITE LINE are your ONLY height extending tent options worldwide.

    SHORTY shows that big things do come in small packages. Intentionally designed with a particular audience in mind, this tent provides the perfect solution to those growers working within a confined space, or utilizing their enclosure for only the early stages of growth.

    OTHER TENTSare limited by a standard 6′ height. Plants often outgrow their space, yields are smaller as a result, and your back and head pay the price as you hunch over in your grow room banging your head against hoods.


    GORILLA GROW TENTS & SHORTYare made with 1680D threaded, reflective fabric, which is up to 9 x denser than any other grow tent.

    This means that they are more light proof, more durable, quieter, stronger, safer, and easily create an undetectable growing environment. In addition, the unique "diamond" reflective walls provide greater reflectivity and even lumen redistribution, thus preventing hotspots.

    LITE LINE utilizes a cutting edge PVE binding technique to merge the exterior canvas and diamond reflective interior. This allows LITE LINE to offer superior rigidity over competing grow tents.

    As a result, LITE LINE is not plagued with the same pitfalls as those tents with comparable, or even greater, thickness.

    OTHER GROW TENTSrange from only 190D“ 600D in thinness and do not utilize LITE LINE's proprietary binding method. This means that they will rip easily, leak light more readily, permeate unwanted odors, and offer problematic growing environments.

    Their inadequate thread density presents an unnecessary risk of dangerous hazards such as flooding, and their old fashioned swirl reflection design creates hot spots and does not effectively utilize rogue lumens.


    GORILLA GROW TENT & SHORTYframes are up to“ 5x stronger than any other grow tent. The poles are 100% metal and each has fasteners that securely lock your structure in place.

    These tents are so sturdy that the Big Bad Wolf will not be able to blow your grows down. In addition, we have utilized thick viewing windows, tightly reinforced seals, and strong zippers and fabric providing unparalleled durability and security.

    LITE LINE utilizes an all steel, interlocking, secure, frame. In addition, they still include viewing windows, tightly reinforced seals, strong zippers, and durable fabric.

    OTHER GROW TENTSuse fragile plastic, aluminum, or at best, extremely thin steel poles. Plastic corners and connectors frequently crack or break putting your grows at great risk. Other tent perils include faulty zippers, loose ducting seals, and the uber irritating tearing seams.


    GORILLA GROW TENTS & SHORTYfeature the sturdiest and most durable flood pool that will genuinely hold water. The density of the thread makes the entire structure œripsistent. Gorilla Grow Tents minimize noise, are non-gaseous, smell resistant, light proof, and feature a patent pending Infrared Blocking insulated roof that cools down the exterior of your tent. In addition, the strongest frame on the market eliminates the peril of falling lights, hoods, and filters.

    LITE LINE was created with growers safety top of mind. The cleverly designed structures securely fastened frame and tight fitting canvas combine to form a tent that will give you far more peace of mind than any competing tent with similar specifications. Not to mention, the flood pool actually performs as intended.

    OTHER GROW TENTSmake no effort to cool down surface temps and as a result produce off the chart heat. Their thin fabric and single-line sewing equates to light, odor, and water leaks, and overall poor climate control. Thin frames represent an inherent buckling danger that will always have you nervous of a cave in.


    GORILLA GROW TENTS & SHORTYare bug and disease resistant. The bug resistant, micro mesh pre-filters prevent unwanted guests from infiltrating your precious grows. Double lined ducting ports allow for maximum seals, containment, and mold prevention.

    Ditto for LITE LINE

    OTHER GROW TENTShave no pre-filters or large netted pre-filters that readily allow infestations. Loose ducting vents and weak sewn corners also contribute to leaky environs, microbes, and freeloading & squatting insects taking over your territory.


    GORILLA GROW TENTSfeature a taller height, which serves for more growing space, but to also bring down the internal temperatures by up to a 10 degree differences, due to the rising of hot air. The thick, insulated fabric also renders the internal environment less susceptible to external temperature fluctuations.

    LITE LINE still has the ability to extend to heights taller than competing grow tents, allowing the heat to rise well above your plants’ canopy where it could do real damage to your grows.

    OTHER GROW TENTShave a low height which gives hot air no place to sit, so it stays right on top of your plants. In addition, thin, loosely woven fabric allows air to permeate the tent more easily creating temperature fluctuations and an environment that is far more difficult to maintain.


    GORILLA GROW TENTS & SHORTYhave strong thick metal poles that last a lifetime and keep heavy lights and filters firmly in place. Heavy locking fasteners and metallic corner pieces snap into place and stay there. Extremely reinforced stitching in key stress areas and in corners along with strong, heavy duty zippers, provide long lasting durability and functional longevity. The trustworthy safety pool is so thick you could swim in it.

    DRT, or Diamond Reflection Technology, redistributes up to 30% more lumens, creating less waste and giving your plants more of what they need to thrive. It is very clear that there is a thorough attention to detail throughout every Gorilla Grow Tent. Every Gorilla Grow Tent is 100% guaranteed and has a complete warranty for a full year.

    LITE LINE boasts the same bottom to top, back to front, attention to detail as big brother Gorilla. The family traits for locking fasteners, metallic corner pieces, reinforced stitching, heavy duty zippers, trusty safety pool, and Diamond Reflection Technology have all been passed along the Gorilla gene pool to baby brother LITE.

    OTHER GROW TENTShave weak zippers that tend to break easily. Common issues include rips and tears in key stress areas. Odor and light leaks aplenty plague traditional grow tents as a result of poor construction and thin, loosely woven fabric.

    Non-locking, weak plastic or thin metal poles buckle under pressure and can result in hazardous cave-ins and component crashing. In addition, inferior flood pools provide growers with a very dangerous false sense of security. Poor attention to details such as port placement, doorway design, window viewing, height considerations, and even gaseous material selection all contribute to a frustrating and a downright dangerous growing experience.


    GORILLA GROW TENTSare easy to assemble. Smart touches like Velcro door strips assist in keeping your doors open and sealing over the heavy duty zippers. Viewing windows allow you to check your plants vitals without interrupting their controlled environ. 360 degree accessibility and wrap around doors allow convenient access to every corner of your grow space.

    Additional height allows for crouch-free maneuvering throughout your tent. With Gorilla Grow Tents, you now have the ability to grow your plants as big as you like. We have also intelligently selected the tent sizes so that they universally accept the standard sizes of hydroponic and soil systems, but also still allow room to maneuver around and through your grow tent. And dont you dare underestimate the addition of the handy tool pouch!!

    Ditto for LITE LINE.and did we mention the handy tool pouch?!

    Ditto for SHORTY sans the height, obviously

    OTHER GROW TENTScan be extremely difficult to assemble, many times tearing during the initial setup! Poor doorway and zipper design render your grow room completely inaccessible from certain sides and areas, causing growers to neglect hard to reach plants.

    Low height restrictions create constant worry of plants over growing your space ruining, or greatly decreasing, yields. Get your back brace or bandages ready, as crouching or head bumping will be common a common occurrence. No warranty, or extremely limited, provide no buyer protection.and don't you dare underestimate the inconvenience of not having a handy tool pouch.


    GORILLA GROW TENTSare the first grow tent with every port properly placed allowing for closed loop air-cooled lighting and cross-flow internal air circulation. Large 10" ducting ports cinch completely to allow for any sized ducting, as well as maximum airflow and flexibility.

    Extra height means cooler temps, larger plants, and maximum yields. The bug resistant pre-filters, internal tool pouch, thick interlocking frame, appropriate sizes, sturdy flood pool, and easy 360 degree access all contribute to providing you with the absolute greatest grow tent experience you could possibly imagine.

    LITE LINE is proud to offer the same great design and essential features as described above.

    Ditto forSHORTY except for the? That's right, the height thing. Duh.

    OTHER GROW TENTShave improper port placement and sizing, creating an inadequate set up for closed loop ventilation. No pre-filters or macro mesh filters dont perform any function and readily permit bugs and microbes to pass through.

    Thin poles cannot properly support your tent, fans, reflectors, and filters. Sizes are not well determined and do not permit you to move throughout your room after setting up your desired grow setup. Lower heights create heat pockets on your canopy and do not allow for significant yield production.


    FREE POSTAGE IS FOR UK MAINLAND ONLY. Scottish Highlands & Islands, Ireland, UK Isles & Overseas buyers please contact me for a shipping quote.

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