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E26 E27 E14 MR16 GU10 B22 LED Plant Grow Bulb SMD2835 Flower Veg Red Blue Lights For Sale

E26 E27 E14 MR16 GU10 B22 LED Plant Grow Bulb SMD2835 Flower Veg Red Blue Lights

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E26 E27 E14 MR16 GU10 B22 LED Plant Grow Bulb SMD2835 Flower Veg Red Blue Lights:

LED Plant Grow Light Bulb E26 E27 126LEDs-300LEDs SMD2835 Plant Light for Flowers Vegetables Greenhouse Hydroponic LED Wavelength: Red and Blue Light, 460nm Blue is accelerating leaf growing; 640nm Red is promoting flowering.

* Plant Growing: It can provide all the light a plant needs to grow and flower, to help plant grow quicker an better, increase yield.

* Excellent Heat Dissipation: Our Led grow lights have several heat emission hole, keeping temperatures at the appropriate level for plant growth without worrying about heat increased.

* Many bulb base for choose: We apply E26/E27 base light bulbs, easy to use.

* Long Lifespan: good heat dissipation, as well as energy saving, this light can lasting up to 50000 hours.

* Application: This led grow lamp are usually use for greenhouse plants, flowers, hydroponic systems and vegetable cultivation, pot and container gardening, DIY hydroponics, bonsai, sowing, breeding, farming Type: 2835SMD LED Grow Light Blub, Growth lamps

LEDs quantity:126LEDs(90Red,36Blue), 200LEDs(166Red,34Blue), 15W(200LEDs), 18W(300LEDs)

Voltage: AC85V-265V

LED Bulb Base: E26/E27

Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

Body material: PC

Beam Angle: 180 degree

Light includes:

1 * LED Plant Grow Light Bulb

Here is how specific wavelength works:

280~315nm: Less influence for plant's growth.

315~400nm: (UV)Absorb less chlorophyll, prevent stem growth.

400~520nm: (Blue): Absorb much chlorophyll and carotenoid, helpful for photosynthesis.

520~610nm: (Green): Absorb little chlorophyll.

610~720nm: (Red): Increase photosynthesis for plants, help growth.

720~1000nm: (IR): effect flowering and seed.

>1000nm: Change to heat.

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